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Cape Ann Film Festival To Feature “Maritime Capsules: A Dory Story” From Keith Palazzola, Sal Zerilli and Matt Bradley

Hello Joey,

As you may have heard, I’ve been working on a documentary film for the past 18 months with Sal Zerilli, Matt Bradley.

I’m writing to share some news about the film, and to ask you for a little bit of help getting the word out…

The news…The film’s title is Maritime Capsules: A Dory Story. It tells the story of the Grand Banks dory from the heyday of high-lining schooners to the current group of locals who sustain the ancient rowboat as a symbolically important part of Gloucester’s maritime culture.

A “rough cut” of the film is showing this upcoming Sunday, November 18 at 6p as part of the 5th Annual Cape Ann Film Festival.  The film will screen at the Cape Ann Community Cinema in Gloucester.  The address is 21 Main Street. 

Tickets will be available at the door.  Tickets can also be purchased here:

Here’s a 67 second film trailer:

The help…Can you please help us share news of the film’s screening with as many people as possible?  You can do this by (a) posting the link to the trailer on your FB page and (b) forwarding this email to anyone you think might have an interest in seeing it.

Any help you give is greatly appreciated.  We’ll use proceeds from this Sunday’s screening to put the finishing touches on the film.

As always, thanks for your support!

Hope you’re doing great.


Matt, Sal, and Keith

Our girls representing Gloucester’s great music all across the country . . .

Last night, Chelsea Berry played the The Bitter End, New York City’s oldest and most iconic club.  Boy that place brings back memories — I wish I had been there!

Look at her in this picture.  Even without her excellent band she still rocks!

I can hear it now.

And while Chelsea was in NYC, Marina Evans is out west.  Check out this excerpt from her latest  tour report.

The cross country tour is just about drawing to a close as we make our final journey across the southwestern desert. Since the last update from Nashville, we’ve hit Asheville, NC; Atlanta, GA; New Orleans, LA; Dallas, TX; and Socorro, NM. Whew!

So far, the longest stretch has been from west Texas to New Mexico. But not to fear: we brought a ukulele, and were therefore musically productive on the road. Here’s a little diddy from the west Texas brushlands.

Back on the home front, you can get a double dose of John Rockwell tonight.  He’s at Alchemy at 7pm and then he’s Fly Amero‘s guest at Rhumb Line at 9pm.

An excellent weekend of live music is shaping up.  See the schedule here.  But check back tomorrow because I’m sure we’ll have new stuff to post.  I really thought Vickie’s post 3 weeks ago would inspire people keep their info up to date, but they don’t, so  you’ll just have to wait.

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