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The Genius Who Redesigned Gum Packaging Should Be Publicly Flogged

I took this cell phone pic this morning as I was getting ready for work.  That pack of gum was not propped to look like the mess it is.  That’s the way it came out of my pants last night when I put the stuff in my pockets onto my bathroom vanity at the end of the day.

Can someone please explain to me what kind of mental giant came up with this design?

I think we should find out what school this person went to and publicly humiliate that institution of higher learning.

It is inevitable that the packets of gum flail about in your pockets and never stay put.  It’s a mess.  Bring me back those old school Wrigley’s packets with the Doublemint or Juicyfruit FTW!

This shit is just not acceptable.


Chris Brayton – Survivor Application Video

Hi, Joey!
My cousin Chris is working very hard to finish his years at Northeastern University…but he’s working just as hard on getting onto Survivor! Could you post this video and small blurb about him onto GMG? THANK YOU in advance!!!!
Jen Holmgren 🙂

Let’s show CBS that Chris has all kinds of support on GMG, and that CBS would be foolish not to put him on!

Organizations: North Shore YMCA, Wellspring, Camp Spindrift, Rockport Boy Scouts (Scoutmaster) Ellis Memorial (an after school program in Roxbury), Squashbusters (a sports oriented after school program for youth) in Boston, Curley K-8 school in Boston, Mission Hill K-8 School in Boston, Memorial Spaulding Elementary School in Newton.. He has also done fund-raisng walks for several years with Pridestride and AFSP (Suicide Prevention.) In total in College thus far he has completed over 2000 hours of community service.
Awards: Youth of the Year award from the YMCA, Child of the Year Award from Wellspring, Eagle Scout rank (highest award in Scouting), "Above and Beyond" awards through Northeastern University for volunteering service (four consecutive years), the Mary Herald-Synan Volunteer Award through Ellis Memorial, and the DAR Good Citizenship award in Middle School and in HS.
As you can see, he has certainly been a huge part of the community. Let’s help him reach a dream by giving back!

News from Ohana


Check us out on WCVB Channel 5’s Chronicle on Tuesday November 13th at 7:30.

North Shore Magazine, Best of North Shore: New Restaurant, 2012

Ohana News – November 2012

Aloha!   Here is our monthly newsletter for November!   We want to share the latest news with you. 

Our Prix-Fixe is in full swing and has been well received.   A few pictures are shown here.   There is Special Pricing for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights for the Prix-Fixe.  

Please see below for catering information.

Our pastry chef is also available to make cakes and pies for your holiday needs. 

Watch out for other special events coming.   

November 25th – Gloucester’s Christmas Tree Lighting

December 6th -  Gloucester’s Ladies Night (Special Menu to be announced)

December 13th – Gloucester’s Men’s Night  (Burgers, Ribs and Steak)

We look forward to seeing you!

Mahalo from our family to yours,

   Enx Dadulas – Chef/Owner

   Alyssa Cohen – Owner/Manager

   Paul & Amy Cohen

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