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Part III Superstorm Sandy Trilogy

Superstorm Sandy Gloucester ~ The Morning After

Filmed on October 30, 2012, the morning after Superstorm Sandy, at Brace Cove, Gloucester. We were very fortunate to miss the brunt of the storm; Gloucester survived with relatively minimal damage. A heavy, thick steely-gray bank of clouds dominated the sky and the sun broke through for only a brief period. The streaming shafts of sunlight created a beautiful ethereal glow filtering through the atmosphere. The wind was very strong and caused a good deal of camera shake.

Music composed by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg and performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Opus 46: Morning Mood.

Part I Superstorm Sandy Gloucester

Part II Seagrass Fantasy

Part III Superstorm Sandy Gloucester ~ The Morning After

Janet Rice Represents! In Iceland

Hi Joey-

I just returned from Iceland. I thought I would share their version of the Gloucester Fisherman Statue which, of course, it is a Viking Ship!

BTW-the new camera is awesome.



Janet bought the camera I just bought for my wife the Sony NEX-5N and is loving it

Great Breakfast on Sunday

Rick and I went to Maime’s Kitchen, across from St. Ann’s, on Sunday morning.  Breakfast was so so good.  Rick had the scramble special with Linguica and I had an Omelet with Spinach, Tomato, mushroom with bacon.

Special scramble with Linquica

Omelet with Spinach, mushrooms, tomato with bacon

You want REAL tickets? OK, we heard you. Get them at Gloucester Music and Liquor Locker

Sample Ticket

For our first 2012/13 Berklee in Gloucester show, we didn’t have real tickets — you know the paper kind you buy at box offices and stores.  And people asked why?

Some of you just prefer to buy a real ticket.  You don’t want to go on-line or call and have your credit card charged.  And you don’t want to have your name on a list at the show.  Nope.  You want to walk in, show your ticket and take your seat.  Plain and simple.

Most importantly, you want to save your ticket as a memento.  I’ve got my share of concert and show tickets stashed somewhere.  I figure that when I get old, I’ll sit in my chair by the fire with my glasses on thumbing through these old tickets, reminiscing about this concert and that play — remembering whom I went with; what my life was like back then; how the music sounded.  Ahhh … the good-ol-days — today’s music is crap — that sort of thing.

OK, we got it.  So we printed up some snazzy tickets for this next show: Indie Rock Night featuring Boston’s The Shills with local favorites Renee & Joe at Latitude 43 on November 29 and you can get these tickets in Gloucester at The Liquor Locker @ 287 Main St. and Gloucester Music @ 210 Main Street.

These are nice, big, full color tickets with a photo of The Shills and that wicked-cool drawing of Renee & Joe.  You’ll be proud to add this one to your collection.  So hurry out and get yours soon before they’re all gone.  Or if you just want to order on-line click here.  Which ever way you buy them,  a portion of proceeds benefits the Berklee2Gloucester Scholarship fund — and remember: this is an ALL AGES show and it will ROCK!  Here’s a taste of what you can expect.

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