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Roger Torre Baiting Turkeys For Thanksgiving


Who needs some store bought steroid laden Turkey when you can bait ‘em in your back yard?  Just sprinkle a little seed around and when they least suspect it on Thanksgiving Eve pop a cap in their ass!

Roger Torre submits-

Hi Joey,

I spread a little bird seed around the bird feeder for the chipmunks and squirrels and now turkeys…   Put your Thanksgiving order for your fresh bird:

Roger Torre


Marina Evans releases her new EP ~ The Tuscan Sessions

Check the songs out here.  Read what Marina has to say, below:

Hello from  Nashville!

The Tuscan Sessions are finally done – and I am SO excited to share them with you! Written and recorded this past spring in Florence, Italy, this record brings a distinctly European feel to folk Americana. Special thanks to producer and one-man-band Bernardo Baglioni, without whom this record would never have been possible. Click here to have a listen, tap yer foot, and sing along.

Meanwhile, the tour rolls on! Tonight, Berna and I will be featured at a songwriters in the round session in Nashville – quite an honor! So much talent in this city. And the honky tonks are WILD. Also – I’ve added two more dates to our itinerary: Dallas (11/11) and Socorro, NM (11/13). More soon!


Linda Cohan, Sister of The Great Alyson Cohan Forwards Video Of Rocky Neck Circa 1961

Linda writes-


Joey, I think that you will get a kick out of this Rt 66 tape, which shows Rocky Neck in 1961. Also, the pictures from 1961 compared to pictures taken in 2009:

Can you place the locations?

Pictures from the episode:


Way more comparison photos at this link-

You Gotta See This 360 Degree Photo of The Inside Of The Space Shuttle Discovery’s Flight Deck During Decommissioning in the Orbiter Processing Facility

Click the photo for the panning 360 degree view of the entire cabin.  I’ve never seen so many knows, controls and levers in one confined space in my life.  To say you would need to be a genius to know what each one does may be the understatement of the century.


Thank you Robin Jones from Northeast Ohio  for forwarding it to us.

Bounty Captain and Crew Remembered

Captain Robin Walbridge (in green sweatshirt)aboard the BOUNTY during its visit to Gloucester in September. Mr. Walbridge, who was 63 years old and captain of the Bounty for 17 years, was presumed lost when the Bounty sank during Hurricane Sandy. Also dead was crew member Claudane Christian, said to be a descendent of Fletcher Christian, leader of the famous mutiny aboard the original Bounty in April, 1789.

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