HMS Bounty Sinking Timeline

HMS Bounty Sinking Timeline

The Coast Guard said it would “probe every aspect of the accident and will determine as closely as possible” what caused it, whether there is evidence of equipment failure or human error, and if it or any other government agency contributed to the confirmed death of one crew member and presumed death of the Bounty’s captain, who is missing.

The Bounty sent out a distress call Sunday night and began taking on water off the coast of North Carolina Monday morning amid high winds and waves caused by Sandy, whose eye was located 150 miles to the east at the time. Shortly thereafter the crew abandoned ship and boarded life rafts.


2 thoughts on “HMS Bounty Sinking Timeline

  1. Just another rehash absent any new news, except for the reporter’s errors (there were 3 PIW total, not 2 as he states. The first helo on scene picks up 4 ppl from the raft and one PIW and delivers them to safety.) The Bounty crew is not talking to reporters right now out of respect for Capt. Walbridge and crew families. News reporters should wait and not make things up. I’m pleased to hear a thorough investigation has begun. Of course all factors should be examined and if any deficiencies discovered, recommendations and corrections should be advised.


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