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You Gotta Read This From A Former Crewmember Of The Bounty Written Just Days After The HMS Bounty Went Down

Falling Overboard

November 2, 2012 | by Robin Beth Schaer

Illustration by Madzia Bryll, a fellow member of the crew.

At first, I couldn’t sleep on the ship. At night, bunked beneath the waterline, I put my hand against the wooden hull and imagined dark water on the other side pressing back. I lay awake holding my breath, picturing the route I would swim through a maze of cabins and hatches if the ship went down. In port, Bounty had looked tremendous: one hundred and eighty feet long, three masts stretching a hundred feet into the sky, and a thousand square yards of canvas sails. But underway, with ocean spreading toward horizon in every direction, she was small, and inside her I was even smaller.

I had lost my job and my marriage when I saw Bounty for the first time. I wanted to stowaway, cast off, and leave the ruins of my life behind—and Bounty let me. Yet I left far more than grief on land; what mattered at home—education, achievements, appearance—was irrelevant at sea. It was unsettling to abandon all that I thought defined me. I sat in the galley with the other deckhands and wondered what they understood from my face. I was uncertain of what remained.

To leave the shore required surrender; I had to give myself over to the ship and the journey, wherever it led and whatever it revealed. I fell into the rhythms of standing watch and eating meals. Soon even the ship’s deep rolls and strange music of creaking timbers became familiar. I learned lines and sails, practiced emergency drills, and studied the compass and charts; I tarred, painted, spliced, caulked, and I finally slept. I slept deeply, trusting when I closed my eyes others were awake, on watch, keeping me safe, just as I had done for them. We were profoundly dependent on each other.

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Way Up High- Setting The Hub And More Gloucester MA Varian’s Turbine Erection From Steve Spencer! Exclusive To GMG

Steve Spencer Has Been Sending These Photos Of Every Phase of The Construction Of Varian’s Turbine


Open turbine view of Gloucester-


Face of the hub to the ground-


Gloucester Sports 11/3/12

If you have photos from a Gloucester Sporting Event Submit them with the name to credit and we will post them in our Gloucester Sports Daily Post

Maryanne writes-

Hi Joey,
here’s a photo of some of our young skaters enjoying a Halloween Party on the ice!
Thanks for sharing
For more information regarding Cape Ann Skating please visit:


Halloween Party 2012

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If you do not vote, the commercials will continue in your nightmares..  Here are the polling places for Gloucester:


1-1 East Gloucester Elementary School 8 Davis St Ext.

1-2 Veterans’ Memorial School 11 Webster St

2-1 Our Lady of Good Voyage Youth Center 140 Prospect St

2-2 McPherson Park Building 31 Prospect St

3-1 Veterans’ Center 12 Emerson Ave

3-2 First Baptist Church 38 Gloucester

4-1 Beeman Memorial School 138 Cherry St

4-2 Lanesville Community Center 8 Vulcan St

5-1 Magnolia Library Center 1 Lexington Ave

5-2 West Parish Elementary School 10 Concord St

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