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New York Times Starts a Lobster Crawl in Gloucester

With most of “the news that’s fit to print” revolving around SSS and politics, it would have been easy to miss this gem about Lobster in the New York Times this week.

So for all of you who did miss it, we thought you’d like to know that  a deliciously written  article by New York Times reporter Glenn Collins entitled Lobster Crawl from Massachusetts to Maine, begins at Gloucester’s own Bass Rocks Ocean Inn.  Check out this excerpt:

Our first stop was Gloucester, Mass., where, after an afternoon arrival, we left the soothing surge of the breakers outside our room at the Bass Rocks Ocean Inn …

Congratulations to Tracey Muller.  Thanks for hosting the kind of travel writer we need to see more of.  And thanks for helping to put Gloucester on the map (as Joey would say #Boom, you did it)

Savour Wine and Cheese Reopening! Thursday, November 15

They’ve come a long way from when we did our interview with John Lamirande in the building back on February 17th-


I am writing to let you all of you know that the long-awaited reopening of Savour Wine and Cheese, and Beach Gourmet Catering is upon us. With the recent event of Hurricane Sandy and some glitches in getting our construction loan, we are slightly behind schedule, but doing well. We plan to reopen for business on Friday November 16 at 11 a.m. (We will be open 7 days a week, Monday – Saturday, from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Sunday, from noon until 6 p.m). We are planning our opening party for Thursday evening, November 15 at 6:30 p.m. We will send an invitation a few days before, so you will know for sure, and can R.S.V.P. First priority will go to Keystone Investors, followed by Wine Club Members. But – it is a big place now, and everyone is welcome.

The construction has come along beautifully, as many of you have seen when walking by. We have a stunning hardwood white oak floor, a state-of-the-art modern kitchen, an elegant chef’s table dining area, and a pristine new cheese counter and deli. Right now, we are putting on finishing touches, including shelving for wine and a center for the new wine machines. Once that is all finished, we have many permits and licenses (from occupancy to food service) to obtain from the city before we can open. But, we have had unprecedented support from all city agencies, particularly the building inspectors, Bill and Greg who have worked closely with us to keep us on track. We also were successful in rezoning the building to its intended purpose as a commercial property, thanks to the cooperative efforts of many on the planning committees and city council. So, we are almost ready to go!


In addition to working on the building, I have been travelling the country, trying out new products and of course, tasting wine. A recent highlight was a trip to New York for a tasting of several hundred grower champagnes and Italian wines at the Tribeca Grill. Prior to that, I was in Chicago, visiting the president of Metropolis coffee. Here is a photo of me "cupping," which is a ritual much like wine tasting. On a trip to Napa, where I tasted some incredible wines, I discovered Cowgirl Creamery, and Red Hawk cheese (a gorgeous washed rind cheese, similar to Brie, but with a rind that is 100% edible, and delicious). While eating at RPM restaurant in Chicago, I discovered a cold-pressed coffee called "Pure Black," which made a memorable Affogato dessert.  I drink it daily as an afternoon pick-me-up. It comes in a dark bottle, like beer, and is brewed cold, for 16 hours in steel tanks. Most people do not realize that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet. So, you can grab a cold bottle anytime, as an alternative to an afternoon soda, or when you are too busy to sit down for a hot coffee or tea (healthy and invigorating)! Finally, we have been working with Ariston to bring in bulk Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar, you can purchase and refill whenever needed. So, in addition to wine, cheese, olives, breads, and specialty meats, we will have many items for you to "try before you buy."

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