Rainbow over Good Harbor

good harbor beach rainbow after sandy

A rainbow appeared for a brief moment over Good Harbor Beach this afternoon. The surf is still crashing, but it looks like GHB held up pretty well to the storm.

Lots of people were out walking their dogs and enjoying some outside time after being cooped up because of Sandy.




One thought on “Rainbow over Good Harbor

  1. The Imprints of Faith
    By Peter A. Todd
    July 27/2007

    This journey of life can be so very hard
    Its paths blocked by walls of stone
    The imprints of which we daily carve
    So that we do not face Life’s challenges alone
    We live from day to day in tormented fear
    Of just what this world has become
    The loss of so many children we loved dear
    In this trial of faith and our nation as one
    Imprints of our faith at times drowned in tears
    From the sadness of many lost souls
    Our streets filled with young people on drugs
    Their destiny of never growing old
    These thought come from deep within
    My soul and heart and tears combined
    That we the children of God be freed of earthly sin
    To receive the promise of a new life divine
    I will be healed by my surgeons touch
    Whom Jesus has guided to this day
    My Heavenly Father I put all my Faith and trust
    As this new challenge in life comes my way


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