A Wicked Dinner at the Seaport Grill

Frd Bodin writes-

Hey Joey,

This all happened last night:

Wicked Dinner at the Seaport Grill


Last night, Janet and I were just served dinner at the Seaport Grill, and next to me at the bar, this guy Steve said: "There’s (F/V) Tuna.com, and they have a fish…a big fish." The bartender, Jessica, added that the National Geographic Wicked Tuna film crew was apparently there. Okay, I have a HUMONGOUS Haddock Fish Taco ($11.95) in front of me, I run out to the Jeep, grab my camera, and go down to the water to take this shot across the water to the State Fish Pier. The NG cameraman is on the left side of the truck, and the new greenhorn crew member is in the center, shoveling ice into the boat. The man way on the right looks to be the film’s crew boss.


This is the large tuna they hoisted up — the "Money Fish." The fat boy weighed in, dressed out, in the mid-700 pounds. The film crew is cranking the cameras for this one, and so is Gloucester’s Tina Greel, second from the left in green. It’s very ironic: Last time we went out for seafood, it was for Annisquam’s "Dinner on the Bridge" over Lobster Cove last summer. As soon as we sat down to our lobster dinner, a fisherman on the float right in front of us hooked up and pulled up a sizable striper, assisted by none other than Tina Greel, who we see here. Only, only in Gloucester!

9 thoughts on “A Wicked Dinner at the Seaport Grill

  1. Lest we forget, the Seaport Grill is a great place to eat. And tomorrow, it will be the spot to see three 160 foot long metal fish offloaded from a barge – the Wicked Turbine!


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