EJ and Friends Getting Their Cape Ann SUP On!


$100 for 10 one hour sessions. Total No Brainer.

9 thoughts on “EJ and Friends Getting Their Cape Ann SUP On!

  1. It is a total blast, but also a really great low impact workout and a beautiful, peaceful way to explore the harbor and environs. I got to do my first exploration of Ten Pound Island and Evelyn and I accompanied The Bounty out of the inner harbor yesterday morning. Cape Ann SUP offers a fitness 10 pack for $100. You have to go out between the hours of 6:00-10:00am and sign up for the 10 one hour sessions in advance to get that great price. We go out of Oaks Cove (public boat landing at Stevens Lane on Rocky Neck, where Rocky Neck Plunge takes place) every morning. Call Tyler at 978-968-6821 if you are interested in joining in. Plenty more beautiful days ahead of us to be on the water, and if you don’t get to use all your time before the snow flies, like rollover minutes, you can carry them over to next season. As Joey said, a total no brainer. It is also very easy to do and the boards are incredibly stable. It takes 5 minutes to get the paddling down and maybe 10 to feel totally at ease. Do it, you’ll love it!


  2. BTW, friends are Evelyn Howe and Becky Bernie of Magnolia and East Gloucester. Today was Becky’s first time and yesterday was Evelyn’s, and we paddled from Oak’s Cove over to Joey’s dock and back to Madfish Wharf in under an hour.


    1. Many years ago I was a competitive surfer and lived on a surfboard during summers in Maine. It’s been a long time, but I do feel very relaxed and comfortable back on a board again.


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