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Crazy Fiesta Hat Ladies go to the Lowell Folk Festival

Amy Clayton writes-

Hey Joey,

    My sister Robyn and I just came from a weekend at the Lowell Folk Festival sharing our crazy Fiesta hats. We were invited by the curator of festival. The theme of the festival was from head to toe and we were honored to be invited. But we couldn’t just go with our hats and expect people to understand what we do, so we had to bring St.Peter’s Fiesta with us…lol. We brought with us a 5ft statue of St. Peter ( my sister made) a wooden cut out of St.Peter that people could take pictures with and many pictures on foam board of the different aspects of the fiesta. I handed out over 350 Gloucester visitor guides and St.Peter pins. We had so much fun and people were in awe of our community celebration and of course the hats.

   I am emailing you this to see if you could share this with GMG viewers, I wish I had thought of it before we went, a press release was sent to the newspaper but they nothing went in. So I was thinking you could let people know about our great opportunity to share our great community with people from all over.

Here is the website that had a write up about us…., and I included some pictures.

DSC_0013 (2)DSC_0012DSC_0050

Is The Cost Of A Private College Education A Scam? Discuss…

How many of you know the significance of this picture.

Where it all began back on April 2, 2012-

Poll- New Gallery Wall At The House.

Posted on April 2, 2012 by Joey C

The Mrs just put up this great wall of frames. Over/under on the time before any pictures get placed in the frames is 2 months and I’ve got the over. What cha got?

Update: July 30, 2012

Performance Sock Review Fox River Stay-Dry Sock Liner


When working around the lobster tanks all day long during the summer I don’t wear my heavy winter muck boots which keep everything super dry.  I wear lower cut boots which inevitably get water splashed inside them and my feet sweat due to the heat.

So I was in Nelson’s buying some new work gloves and stumbled upon these FoxRiver sock liners which claim to wick and dry your feet.

At $5.98 a pair I didn’t want to buy too many just in case it was a gimmick.

If you suffer from having damn uncomfortable wet feet all day long that these sock liners work the nuts.

Dry and comfy and that makes my days a whole lot more comfy when I’m on my feet all day long.

Well worth the $5.98.  I bought two more pairs this morning.

Get ‘em at Nelsons on Main Street

248 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930‎

(978) 283-5675

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