Coyotes! No Mas!

I’ve had enough of all these so called wildlife experts. Our loved pets are vulnerable if they escape the comforts of our home. That’s a risk you take. We live next to a vernal pond. We have all kinds of Cape Ann Wildlife here. Such as; minx, otters, herons, egrets, snakes,peepers, banjo frogs, all kinds of dragon flies, a ton of rabbits, foxes, turkeys, Coyotes etc. Our Jack Russell “Blaze” loves it here. She loves all the smells she can stick her snoot in. We keep a good eye out for her when she’s exploring the yard. She’s chased out all the animals I’ve mentioned earlier. The Coyotes here seem to be intimidated by loud noise and aggressive behavior. I’ve run screaming after them and they ran terrified into the woods. I’m just waiting for one of them to turn around and come chasing after me. Hopefully i’ll never have to deal with a brave coyote taking Blaze away. Blaze can take after herself but there’s always something stronger in the food chain. That’s why you’ll never see me in a kayak or paddle board tempting a Great White Shark.

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