Our Beautiful City

Took this from Stage Fort Park

8 thoughts on “Our Beautiful City

  1. Yes it is a Beautiful City. I was born in Gloucester and lived there most of my life I have always returned for Saint Peters Fiesta, with the exception of the last 3 years. I my live in Florida now, but the sound of those rocky shores ring true in my mind. Nick Vitale Naples Florida


  2. I see this view every day when I walk my dog and never, ever tire of it. Thank you for all that you do on GMG; LOVE the Blog and LOVE swimming in the ocean at Half Moon almost every day!


  3. Thanks, Donna, for all the beautiful photography you post. I always enjoy your photos. On this picture of Gloucester, are the foreground and background “out of sync”? To the far right, I think I can see just the edge of Our Lady of Good Voyage steeple; then moving left, is the draped city hall tower, further left is a cream-colored steeple (Unitarian Church?), and to the left of that is another steeple (St. Ann Church?). Obviously, I know nothing about photography, but how did the St. Ann steeple get so far away from city hall? Thanks, Donna.


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