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Poll: Coyote vs Lovable Pet Who Ya Got?

In light of the shitstorm I thought I’d create these here polls to really access where our readership falls.  I have a hard time believing the people that are rooting for the coyotes are nothing more than fringe lunatics who hate people.

It’s one or the other who are you gonna root for?

Essex Coastal Byway Guide From Joel Brown From NBPT

The new Essex Coastal Scenic Byway links thirteen towns on the North Shore of Massachusetts to highlight their history, culture and scenic beauty. From Lynn to Salem to Gloucester to Newburyport, the Byway leads travelers to picturesque downtowns and busy working harbors, along sandy beaches and rocky shores.

There are plenty of guidebooks to tell visitors which motels have pools and which restaurants get three stars. What they need is a book written by someone who can tell them why the Great Marsh is important to everyone and where you really get the best fried clams and how Motif #1 got so famous. Someone who can also make the connections between  the proud and sometimes difficult history of cargo ships and privateers and fishing schooners and today’s very different environment of arts and culture and environmental preservation.

I grew up near Essex County and visited often. I’ve lived in Newburyport for almost fifteen years and written about life on the North Shore for the Boston Globe since 2005. I’ve kayaked the marshes, sailed the coast, biked and hiked and bird-watched, sometimes for a story and sometimes just for fun. From all this comes an appreciation of what makes the North Shore special and how its seemingly disparate parts fit together.

THE ESSEX COASTAL BYWAY GUIDE is divided into 14 chapters – for the 13 towns plus Plum Island – featuring separate entries on dozens of the area’s attractions, from the Crane Estate to the Lynn Museum and from the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge to Singing Beach. It will come out as a paperback and e-book in October.

Guide cover small

Joel Brown from NBPT writes-

You reach so many people, I was hoping you’d do a post on the ESSEX COASTAL BYWAY GUIDE, which I’m publishing this fall. I think many of your readers would be interested to know this is coming and maybe support it. It’s not officially connected with Essex Heritage or Essex Coastal Scenic Byway, but they’re aware and the executive director has written a foreword.

Here’s The Kickstarter for the project, which will fund the first printing and help pay the cover artist (Dylan Metrano, who did the paper cuts, lives in Rockport in the cold months) and the designer and copyeditor:

Charlie Carroll’s Opening Night From Len Burgess

Photographer Charlie Carroll had a successful opening reception, Friday night at the Wendie Demuth Photography Studio, 77 Rocky Neck Ave.

An enthusiastic crowd came to congratulate Charlie on his first show and see his display of excellent artistic photos.

–Len Burgess




Shark at Lighthouse Beach

Shark at Lighthouse Beach

Shark at Lighthouse Beach2

I just came across these YouTube videos of a shark at Lighthouse beach last summer.  I had heard about it, but hadn’t seen it and didn’t realize it had been videoed.  I especially love what the people in the background are saying.  “We should get Good Morning Gloucester down here.  This is headline news.”   So, better late than never.  Here on Good Morning Gloucester – the shark at Lighthouse Beach.  I don’t know who took the video, but nice job!

E.J. Lefavour




Get Dirty At The Farm Bar and Grille For The Olympics

The Olympics kicked off this morning. Great opening ceremony last night. The FARM will be THE PLACE to get all your Olympic coverage. Each day we will pick an event and offer a great special to enjoy as you take it all in. Tonight we will feature $10 Fish and chips to celebrate Micheal Phelps aquatic pursuits of Olympic history. Come on down to watch and enjoy the special!! At 9:30 Incahoots takes the stage and will rock the house.

Hope to see you soon buddy,



Update on Cosmos

My deepest thanks to everyone who has written with their kind concern for Cosmos. He’s not doing so great today, but he is one tough little kitty. And to everyone who read the story in the Herald and called with well-wishes–thank you–I guess the Herald reads GMG, too. Link to Herald Death-cheating Kitty Survives Second Attack

Bob Ross Remixed | Happy Little Clouds | PBS Digital Studios

Deb NY submits-

Wow. Some of the conversations on the blog have been a little testy of late. Strong opinions regarding coyotes and cats, the freedom of speech, ect. Nothing wrong with people sharing opinions but I thought you might post this just to simmer things down a bit. At the heart of it all, we all love nature and animals and being alive.

So, thanks Joe, for the blog and the great job you do connecting all of us in so many different ways.

Deb Nypaver


Tutta la Famiglia: Book Update From Paul Cary Goldberg


Hey everyone – Please check out to see an interview about me and the book project! Nicola Orichuia came up to Gloucester and taped our conversation at Gianni Gallo Productions.
I’m currently editing and sequencing the photographs for the book. I’m also transcribing oral histories about the lives of some of the people I’ve photographed which will be included in the book. I’ve renamed the title to, Tutta la Famiglia: Portrait of a Sicilian Caffe in America.
As always, you can head over to my Fractured Atlas page at learn more about the project. At the bottom of the page there’s a link to the “project website” where you can see a video on YouTube.
And of course when you go to at the bottom of the page there’s that ever so important link to make a tax deductible donation!!!
A presto,

Bonnie Friedman Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

July 26, 2012
"An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth."
Bonnie Friedman  <>  (dates not

  Born in the Bronx and educated at Wesleyan University and the University
of Iowa, Friedman writes about writers writing and the spiritual and
emotional challenges of the craft. Her first book, Writing Past Dark, was
widely praised, and her frequently anthologized essays often appear in the
New York Times, Oprah Magazine, and others. She has been on the faculty at
Dartmouth and NYU, and currently teaches at the University of North Texas at
Greg Bover

Community Stuff 7/28/12

Dear Joe,

The Railways is underway with a DEP approved grading and paving job which is restricting access to the property.  If it is possible, would you notify the community that general traffic should turn at Horton Street to loop around……there is no parking and no good turn-around beyond that point.

Thank you for your help, if possible.




1208 Claudia poster


Maritime Gloucester Programs



If Gloucester Massachusetts didn’t have the Greasy Pole.

If Gloucester Massachusetts didn’t have the Greasy Pole.

The English are weird group of people as shown by the horrible opening ceremonies last night. Or it just maybe me. I think I saw Joey C AT 1 MINUTE AND 40 SECONDS INTO THE VIDEO.