Beauty in Gloucester

I loved this Macy Gray song from the moment I first heard it. The lyrics are full of hope. I found the song  to be perfect for creating a montage of my favorite clips, filmed in and around Gloucester over the course of the past month. The footage is from works-in-progress butterfly films, 2012 Greasy Pole shorts, and random footage from a family picnic. Is it too kooky–butterflies and Greasy Pole Walkers–you tell me because I see beauty in everyone and everything.

Filmed at Niles Beach, Pavilion Beach, Good Harbor Beach, Eastern Point, Brace Cove, Gloucester Harbor Walk, and Plum Street. Created for Good Morning Gloucester. Dedicated to Joey and his beautiful family and to our beloved Gloucester community.

Thank you Ciaramitaros for your help with my Monarch film!

Thank you to my darling daughter Liv; as Craig said, “a trifecta–beautiful, smart, and funny!”

Beauty in the World Sung by Macy Gray

Eloise Ciaramitaro
Madeline Ciaramitaro
Joe Ciaramitaro
Stew McGillivray
Ross Carlson
2012 Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers

“Beauty in the World” is by American singer Macy Gray from her album The Sellout, which is Gray’s fifth album and first since her under-performing 2007 album Big. The Selllout is her return to musical form after almost conforming when her last album didn’t take off. “I thought after Big flopped maybe I should do what everyone else was doing,” she said. “Go out and hire the hottest producers, the best writers, get real skinny. But none of those people called me back.”

The song was inspired by hearing her daughter’s laughter on a down day. “I didn’t even know what she was laughing at. I thought ‘at least she’s happy.’ And I felt at least I hadn’t failed there, because my daughter’s happy.” -wiki

24 thoughts on “Beauty in Gloucester

  1. Sitting here watching your charming video with all the windows open, the curtains billowing with a glorious morning breeze and I feel so blessed to be living here surrounded by people that love Gloucester like I do, This place truly is a little nugget of heaven. Thank you so much! What a lovely way to start the day!


    1. I love this quote: “This place truly is a little nugget of heaven.” I agree, and hope to title an upcoming post similarly. Thanks debny 01930! I was formerly fredny11762.


  2. Thank you Donna–lucky me the girls are so into their caterpillars, Liv was so funny at the beach that day and beautiful children playing along the shoreline that one day we all got have a picnic!!


  3. Thank you Deb! I love your expression-nugget of heaven–Gloucester is the muse for all of us who are fortunate enough to live and work and visit our beautiful city by the sea.


    1. Thank you Alicia-yes–this was so inspirational. After i made the video I read that Macy Gray was inspired by her daughter’s laughter. If I told you the part at the end, where Madeline is laughing and says “that tickles” was in the video before I read the wiki entry about Macy Gray’s daughter, no one would believe me, but it’s true!!!


  4. Thank you Lori, Anthony, Paul and Fred for your super kind words–hearing Beauty in the World the first time made my day too, and I am very grateful GMG provides the opportunity for us all to share our love for GTown!


    1. Thank you Amanda, Paul, Howard, and to everyone who has written–we do live in an amazing place-and we are so fortunate to have a place like Good Morning Gloucester to highlight it’s people and their passions!


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