Fishermens Wives’ Memorial

Designed by Gloucester sculptor Morgan Faulds Pike, the statue captures the all too familiar pose of waiting-with-strength known to wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters of fishermen and mariners whose family members chose to go out to sea. The memorial is a reminder that while the men are out at sea, the women are active in the community engaged in the work of promoting and preserving the Gloucester and New England fishing industry and helping active and retired fishermen and their families live better lives.  When I look at this picture, the mother’s face and her children holding her hand and her shirt say it all.

7 thoughts on “Fishermens Wives’ Memorial

  1. The Fisherman’s Wife
    By Peter A. Todd

    In our gathering of endless hope and love
    We celebrate Gloucester’s Symbol of Faith
    The Fisherman’s wife who reflects the spirit above
    That rest in the promise of Jesus for all that await
    Our symbol crafted by a woman’s hand
    That has captured the hearts and souls of us all
    As people cross through American and Foreign land
    To experience the heritage that her stature recalls
    That of many families who have lost to the sea
    Their loved ones for whose sacrifice we have survived
    It is in this our symbol of Faith that sets our spirits free
    To continue to keep the memories of those lost alive
    We pay tribute to St. Peter , Patron Saint of the sea
    Just as we honor the Captain’s at ships wheel
    It is our symbol of the Fisherman’s wife
    That the true reality of Gloucester’s heritage is revealed


  2. A fine picture, Donna. Morgan did the clay for this bronze casting at the Fisk shop, because it was too tall for her studio. It was one of the great moments in the life of the shop when these people went from lumps of clay to being almost real.


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