I don’t wish this on inconsiderate cyclists, really I don’t.

You know the biker that rides three abreast for 10 minutes at a whack?

The dudes in this post

Nope, thought never crossed my mind that I’d like something like this to happen to them.  never once. Double pinkie swear.

saw the video on Barstool Sports

4 thoughts on “I don’t wish this on inconsiderate cyclists, really I don’t.

  1. The horse was giving clear signals that it didn’t want contact, ears flat back on it’s head, narrowed eyes. The guy was a schmuck.


  2. You can have a horse bite the three abreast riders as long as the car drivers who pass me while talking on their cell phone have to lick the electrical fence those horses were corralled in. But I think they would have to take a number since there are way more of those bastards. Actually this seems to be infrequent on Cape Ann. It may be that Cape Anners are more considerate but it also might be there is no cell signal on this granite knob. It’s all good.


  3. That lovely horse should have taken a bite out of the jerk’s ass!
    I had two of them in front of me on a two lane road – they knew I was there and didn’t budge.
    Finally I could pass them and they flipped ME off! For what? Not flattening them?


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