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GMG Women’s Reader Poll- If You’ve Read "50 Shades" Would You Want Your Man To Be More Like Christian Grey


This is only for women who have read 50 Shades of Grey.

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You can be honest.


You don’t have to live with an ugly dirty deck. Write or call ASK ED for info on how to do this.

Where’s this?

Where’s this?

I was flipping through my memory banks lately and thought of Gloucester Policeman Keith Trefry. Officer Trefry was one in a million. He’s someone i’ll never forget. I  really don’t know much about him. All I know is when i was young about 12 years old and part of a neighborhood gang. Back then Gloucester “GANGS” played each other in different street sports. The worse thing that i remember was an apple fight.

Keith was always watching out for us kids back then. I remember playing street hockey at Maplewood school. Keith would stop his patrol car and wait for someone to score a goal. He then would flash his blue lights and turn on his siren.That was a big deal for us. I hope he knew how much it meant to us.

I’ll always remember his big smile.

When I came across this memorial for him a few weeks ago i thought what a great tribute to someone i knew who made a positive impact in my life.

Take Care Officer Trefry!

43" Striped bass Fishing Gloucester MA Guppy Lure Company! 7/7/12 top water fishing catch & release From Brianmoc Now that the fish moved off this spot;
This year on my videos I’m trying to show some certain products which I truly believe in and Guppy Lures is one of them. Guppy makes a few different sizes my favorite is the 2oz mini pencil and is all you need for the Northshore. I have caught more than just this one fish on Guppy Pencils but out of the 14 days that I fished with it this was the best video view hit ect and hay? Largest fish. You get maximum distance out of every oz, slashes the water to and froth simply. Moreover, its size and color match the bait in the water. The paint holds better than say a Gibbs that losses its paint after 10 outings. Also it works better for only a few dollars more. If your looking to cover a lot of water and catch fish run this lure down at Surfland plum island or order them from RM Smith Tackle

SNAFU Fixed ~ VIP Tickets added to Chamber Live Auction

It’s been one of those days.  First I learned that a poster and banner that I had proofed and approved had the wrong song title on it.  Then I find out we somehow didn’t get the information on our donation to the Chamber Auction to the right person.  But Vickie raced around, made a bunch of phone calls, opened up PhotoShop and was able to save the day.

Why do you care?  Because you can now go to the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Auction on Thursday at 5pm at Woodmans and bid on 2 VIP Tickets to Orleans LIVE in concert on Friday, August 31 at North Shore Music Theatre.  And if you’ve been following GMG today, you’ll know who’s opening (click here if you missed the announcement).

VIP tickets are really the way to go to a concert.  You get the best seats, 3 course gourmet dinner (see menu here) Meet & Greet with the stars, pre-show party, free premium parking, a special gift from Orleans’ personal vault and more.  See details here.

The Auction has other spectacular items too and you always get a good deal, so if you like getting good stuff for less than it’s worth, be sure to go.  If you don’t already have Auction tickets contact Tim Burton at or call 978-283-1601.

Now, have a look at the poster to the right.  Leave a comment correcting the incorrect song title and we’ll enter you into a contest to win free tickets.

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