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Joey – our child is all grown up!

Downtown Gloucester Block Party

With apologies to all the good people who run the block parties now, I finally finished the new Block Party website with 9 days to spare before the first block party NEXT SATURDAY, JULY 21!

This block party crew has really taken it to a whole new level (more music, more dancing, more dining, more entertainment, magic, etc,) and next Saturday, you’ll see what I mean — our child is all grown up!

They call themselves Blockheads (see a whole page about them here) and they asked that I keep the page about the founders and guess what?  I found a picture of an original Block Party committee meeting taken by our boy Joey using a timer (If you want to know why we’re all smiling so much click here and find out).

So what ever your plans are for the rest of this month, be sure to go downtown next Saturday at 6pm — stores are open ’till 11!

See you there . . .

Gloucester Gig Rowers get a new Gig! From Rick Isaacs

Hi Joey,

Gloucester Gig Rowers held our christening and launching party on Sunday evening, 8 Jul for our new 32′ Cornish Pilot Gig, custom-built for us by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Champlain Longboats School .  Here are a few pictures of our party party to celebrate the arrival of our new boat, and christen her.  She can be seen moored at the Harriet Webster Pier at Gloucester Maritime, on Harbor Loop.

The boat’s name is the "Annie B", and one picture shows Annie Banks, her namesake and one of the chief founders of Gloucester Gig Rowers, breaking the traditional bottle of champaign over her bow.

Sorry this took a while – I needed to secure the club’s approval for all of these mug shots to be published before sending this.  We would be grateful for any coverage which you could provide us!

All best,

Rick Isaacs

Picton Castle in Gloucester

The Picton Castle is registered in the Cook Islands, in the South Pacific, and is owned and operated by the Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company, Ltd. The ship’s mission is deep-ocean sail training and long-distance education. Also, she carries supplies and educational materials to far-flung islands in the South Pacific. Her North American homeport is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

The ship is a completely refitted barque that observes the rigorous standards of Germanischer Lloyds for steel-hulled Cape Horners. She is 179 feet overall, with riveted steel hull, clear oiled-pine decks, steel masts, and wooden and steel yards. She carries 12,450 square feet of canvas sail. The ship also has a powerful 690 hp Burmeister & Wain alpha diesel engine for occasions when sailing is not feasible. The galley is on deck, and its 1893 cook stove is similar to those used on commercial sailing ships 100 years ago.

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