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Video- Taste Gloucester Tour Highlights Video From Terry Weber


Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to participate in the first ‘Taste Gloucester’ walking tour. The tour highlighted downtown restaurants and food shops, with a dash of history thrown in.

Patrick Halloran, a Gloucester native who now serves as a fireman in Somerville, served as our tour guide. He graduated GHS in 2002 and his love for Gloucester was apparent as he proudly told us various tales from Gloucester’s history. Patrick himself was a highlight of the tour, with his friendly personality, sense of humor and depth of knowledge.

The tour started at the Fitz Hugh Lane House on Harbor Loop and ended at Turtle Alley Chocolates. Along the way we visited the Topside Grill, Virgilio’s, Intershell’s Fish Market and the Cape Ann Brewery—just to name a few. We enjoyed food samples prepared just for us, shopping opportunities, as well as great customer service by the local shopkeepers. At other stops we learned about the history of the Greasy Pole, the tale of Howard Blackburn, and the history of the Universalist Church. Check out the video for more details.

Who is this tour best suited for? Locals who want a fun and delicious way to spend a few hours; locals who have guests visiting; and tourists and newcomers who need an introduction to the downtown area. I guess what I am saying is, this tour is for everyone! J Personally, I had never shopped The Cave or Intershell’s Fish Market, and thanks to the tour, I will be a returning customer at both places.

Because the ‘Taste Gloucester’ tour is a new (and fun!) venture, it is sure to evolve and grow. Patrick, the owner, is open to feedback and ideas. For more information on how to sign up for a tour visit Bon appetit!

Chickity Check It! Fashion Heels to Carrot Peels


Hey Joey!
I am a local Rockport/ Gloucester townie who is also blogging!! I have just recently started and have been trying to come up with ways to get more viewers when my best friend told me about your site. I have been off the "facebook" world for awhile so I hadn’t heard about your site, but I LOVE IT!! Its really great to see someone highlight the beautiful landscapes and local companies/ events that we all seem to forget about from time to time. Thank you for sharing, it really is a beautiful thing.
I am a 21 year old who is trying to make a conscious effort to help guide the world to live in a more sustainable way. A lot of people think its really tough to "go green" but I am here to show & help others how easy it can be! When I graduated from Rockport High School in 2008, I attended The School Of Fashion Design on Newbury St. that fall, thinking I was going to be the next big designer. The Newbury St. style, with oversize bags, glasses, and coffees seemed to be the only thing that mattered and I got swept up into this "world" before I knew it. Bag after bag, coffee after coffee I soon realized, this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. These things aren’t helping anyone, who is really benefiting from my designs? I quickly learned that sewing and design were my passions, but the "fashion world" was not.
I now work at a yoga center, a farm, and doing retail styling and merchandising to keep my creative juices flowing. I plan to attend North Shore Community College this fall for Environmental Science & Horticulture. I have traveled out west and stayed in an amazing "off the grid" sustainable living community called Earthships in Taos, NM which has opened my eyes so widely to the opportunities we all have to better our selves and our world and how simple it really is!
My blog is a reflection of my journey and passions. It is called Fashion Heels to Carrot Peels and is a Do It Yourself based blog with a focus on sustainability. It has crafts & recipes that are both simple and sustainable.
I wish you the best on your blogging journey & thank you for the inspiration
Chyanna Stowell

Cape Ann Harbor Tours Lighthouse Tour From Anthony Marks

Hi Joey
Took the Cape Ann Harbor Tours, lighthouse tour aboard the King
Eider. It’s a  two and a half hour tour that goes around the cape. It
passes six lighthouses and is narrated. The tour is very scenic to say
the least. Everyone had a good time and was friendly. Its a great tour
for visitors as well as locals.
These are a few of the pictures i took.
              Anthony Marks

100_4556Eastern Point LightNorth tower100_4587Annisquam Light

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