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Cheryl Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey,

Thank you so much for putting together such a great blog!!!  I look at it every morning (for about the last three years) with my coffee before I start work, and it really makes my day!  Wish I were there most of the time, but for now, it will have to be summer vacations. Your blog alerts me when there are good deals to be had on Groupon for whale watching and the Thomas E. Lannon cruises, and the best places to eat to add to my list of many favorites,  so thank you very much for that!  I also look forward to looking at the Business webcams and so many of them are down.  I don’t know why, and there may be a good reason for this but I really miss being able see Main Street, it always makes me feel as if I am there.  Is there a possibility of them coming back online?  If not, I will stop looking for it.  Just thought I would ask!

Thanks again for all your time and effort, it is really appreciated far and wide!

See you this summer for some lobstas!


Terry Del Percio-Piemonte’s Prayer Sticks Represent!

Hi Joey:  

Just a quick thank you for all the good plugs you put in for the Cape Ann Artisan Tour this past weekend!  We really appreciate it.

I took this photo in your honor.  The sticka with my newly created prayer sticks at Bond Street Studio.




Bond Street Studio – Elegant Cards, Fine Art Photography

Watercolor & Mixed Media

Bond Street Studios

If I was the Red Sox Manager

As most people know that I love sports especially the Red Sox, but as I was watching the Red Sox – Yankee game on Friday night in my Red Sox summer pajamas, started to question my sanity.  Josh Beckett, first two innings, hits a batter, no control and then walks a batter and the Yankees scored,  which is a mortal sin.  So when the game was 6-0 I became scared, because I was still watching, but the sox did start hitting but not enough.  So as I have said many times to my husband, “I am never watching them again” of course until the next game.

This is what Bobby Valentine should have done in the first inning

Mug Up and Bill Hubbard

I thought this was the perfect image to use to invite people for Mug Up – Sunday 9:30 am at Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave.  Whoever owns this boat tied up in Smiths Cove, you’re invited to Mug Up too.  Bill Hubbard of Gloucester is here visiting from Melbourne, FL for the 102nd Dahlmer Family Reunion.  Bill’s mother was a Dahlmer, the 3rd of 13 kids, and sister to LA Dahlmer’s father.  Bill will be at Mug Up, so come by and say hi.

E.J. Lefavour

Blackburn Challenge Just 7 Days Away on Saturday, July 14

And Registration ends tonight, Saturday, July 7 at midnight.

So click here to register now!

Click here for a map of the course.  Look familiar? That’s because it’s Cape Ann. All you have to do is get into your watercraft with an oar or paddle at Gloucester High School and paddle over to the Greasy Pole but go the long way around Cape Ann. You’ll have lots of company (304 already signed up) and cold beer and a pulled pork sandwich awaits you at Pavilion Beach.

Cape Ann Rowing Club Website

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