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Gloucester Horribles Parade 2012

Gloucester Horribles Parade 2012

Fred Bodin and Paul Morrison enjoying a “soda” before the march.

Saint Peter’s Fiesta 2012 Greasy Pole Sunday Champion Stew McGillivray- The Kim Smith Version

The 2012 Greasy Pole Sunday Champion Stew McGillivray. This is Stew’s sixth win! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

“Closing Time” men’s seine boat winners, rowing in the Santa Maria.

Special thanks to Joey C for his encouragement and inspiration.

Community Fiesta Photos 2012

Neil Matthews submits-

Hi Joey,

This is my first submission to you and I hope you like it. I took these pictures from my kayak Fiesta Saturday when Nick took down the flag.



2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Children From Alice Gardner-

Greg Cook has a set of photos at his The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research


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