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Joey C Props and Flops June 2012 Edition


Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus

Surfside Subs Lobster Roll Made With The Mrs’ Recipe

McDonalds Tasteful Reconstruction

Cape Ann Insurance Stellar Service

Burnham’s Field Community Garden New Mural

City Hall Restoration

Volunteers Who Make Fiesta Happen

DPW College Work Crew



DJ’s that only play songs from the eighties

Road Hog Bike Riders

Orange Mulch

Don’t look Now But McDonalds In Gloucester May Be The Classiest Designed McDonalds of All Time

They went from clown yellow and harsh red to a tasteful textured rock front.

God bless the owners of McDonalds in Gloucester for putting in a fantastic re-do on whatr was formerly a monster eyesore.

2012-07-02 08.38.40

Do you Support or Oppose Tolerance and Freedom from Discrimination?

In the time I’ve lived here, I would say that most people I’ve met would support tolerance, freedom from discrimination, and the teaching of tolerance and acceptance of others to youth. 

Tales of Bong Tree Island is a book about tolerance and acceptance of others, and the freedom to choose who to love without fear of discrimination, as told from the perspective of the owlpusses, the descendants of the owl and the pussycat, a trailblazing interspecies couple from England who Edward Lear made famous in the 1870’s.

If published, Tales of Bong Tree Island has the potential to be a great tool for encouraging tolerance, compassion and acceptance of each other by people of all ages, but especially for the youth – the ones who are the future of our species.

If you support tolerance, compassion and acceptance of others, please support Tales of Bong Tree Island at whatever level you can.  There are only 9 days left in the campaign to raise the funds needed to print the initial run of the book and pay Kickstarter and Amazon fees.   There are great rewards for backers.

Thanks, EJ

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