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Where’s me Pot O’ Gold

Double Rainbow from Good Harbor Beach 6/23/2012 7:55pm.


June 2012 International Dory Race Results From Damon Cummings

Dory Races – USA/Canada

USA won 3, Canada won 2 I thought someone would have posted these. I have been busy all day. Here is what I wrote as I took times at the finish. I was busy and not paying attention to spelling or anything.

mixed Canada – Rob and Nicole Hulbert (That was Nicole Jones, married now has 4 month old baby!) 6:44:32 USA – Jimmy and Laurel T 6:44:84 half a second behind. Nicole won it at the turn and Jimmy T could not quite make it up on the way home.

Juniors USA – Randy and LJ 6:37 Canada – Justin and Stefan Nickerson 6:47

Women Canada – Gail Atkinson and Pathane Verbugh 6:41 USA – Denise and Edie 7:19

Masters USA – Lennie B and Jay P 6:30 Canada – Joel George and David Croft 6:47

Open (one mile course, the big one) USA – Mick Cote and John Swift 10:12 Canada – Jeff Ellis and Mathias McCellan 10:45

Support Freedom from Interspecies Relationship Discrimination


Painting of male and female Doctor Hummingbunnybirds on Bong Tree Island by Martine Bates


The Owl and The Pussycat were groundbreakers – now it is up to us to ensure that freedom from interspecies relationship discrimination is guaranteed for all.  Think how sad it would if the world didn’t have hummingbunnybirds.

My Kickstarter book project “Tales of Bong Tree Island” is moving forward, but can use your help.  I hope you will help back this fun, informative and socially relevant project at, at whatever level you can.  Rewards are available for pledges starting at $7.  You can see a preview of the book now on Blurb at 

Those of you who have already pledged, thank you so much.  Those who have pledged $50 or more have already been added to the Acknowledgements page! 

Please pass on to friends you think might like and back the project.   I, Martine Bates and all the inhabitants of Bong Tree Island thank you. 

E.J. Lefavour

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