Girls Jr. Seine Boat Races 2012 Crew X’tra Oardinary! Racing Friday Night of Fiesta

row crew 003

Captain: Joanne Frontiero

Scuttler: Joe Balbo


1. Cayle DaSilva( Grandaughter of Joanne)

2. Amanda Mohan (Amandacakes)

3. Ally Gentile

4. Caitlyn Parisi

5. Caity O’Leary

6. Melanie LaBelle

7. Alicia Toye

8. Sophia Black

9. Hannah Del Torchio(not in photo)

10.Sammie Lodge(not in photo)

5 thoughts on “Girls Jr. Seine Boat Races 2012 Crew X’tra Oardinary! Racing Friday Night of Fiesta

  1. …Huge Thank you to Crew Captain Joanne Frontiero for taking this group of girls under her wing, she has true passion for this sport, and is commited to passing it on to each one of these girls through her coaching… Look out for X’tra Oardinary on Pavilion Beach Friday Night Fiesta 2012!!!!! This group of girls are sure to make Joanne Proud!


  2. Joanne, Thank you for the passion and knowledge you share with these girls. Can’t wait to see them race on Friday. Amanda’s grandmother.


  3. Thank you, Joanne, for providing our girls the opportunity to be a part of this unique experience that only the Fiesta can provide. Best of luck on Friday and Thank you, again!!


  4. I have rowed with Joanne since Affirmative Action in 1995 when we had to row against men to establish our own women’s race. She will create great rowers from these girls and instill in them the history and pride that goes along with being a woman seine boat rower. Any girl/woman that picks up one of these oars and gets in a seine is already a winner!
    Leeanne “Sleepy Jr.” Pallazola


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