13 Year Old McKenzie Plante Recyled Lobster Rope Mac’s Mats


HI Joey!!
My mom Marcy told me that I should send you pictures of my business, Macs
Mats. I am 13 and I am going into 8th grade. You can find my story on
www.macsmats.com. I have my mats in many stores in Gloucester like Willow
Rest, Cape Ann Marina, Emerson Inn in Rockport and the Island hobby art Shop
on Maine Street. Can I answer any questions for you? Thank you again for
helping promote my business.
Saving Whales One Mat At a Time

Here’s the Story-


Off the coast of Maine, Northern Right Whales were getting entangled  in lobsterman’s rope. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) enacted a regulation mandating that fishermen use sinking rope in order to prevent right whales and other marine life from dieing. At the same time, the regulation provides a “buyback” of the floating rope, giving the fishermen a voucher to purchase new sinking rope.

Every piece of rope used in the dog leashes and the mats is part of the recycle effort!

Contact us You can contact me atmacsmats@gmail.com or 978-758-8825

3 thoughts on “13 Year Old McKenzie Plante Recyled Lobster Rope Mac’s Mats

  1. Great job McKenzie, I am a litterpickerupper too, rope is one of the items that there is too much of on our beaches and in our oceans, thanks for helping to save the whales and our friends who live in the sea, fantastic….. Patti Amaral Clean City Initiative


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