Flags Flying on the Blvd.

Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all who have sacrificed for our freedom.

American Flags on  Stacey Blvd

The flags look so beautiful on the Blvd! Such a beautiful place we live, I am very thankful for the great views.

Ducks on the Boulevard


2 thoughts on “Flags Flying on the Blvd.

  1. Old Glory

    By Peter A. Todd


    Proudly we honor our Nation’s Flag
    Its colors of Red White and Blue
    To Americans it represents the freedom we have
    And to be able to express our views
    Crimson red is a symbol of blood that was shed
    Through the battlefields in present and the past
    Mixed with virgin white at the graves head
    The memory of each soldier who died in time cast
    How proud we are that our Nations Flag is flown
    Through times of peace and the torments of war
    To our children the true meaning of freedom shown
    As Old Glory flies overhead and the eagle soars
    We stand proud as we salute the flag of our Nation
    As we retire the colors of its red white and blue
    It is a reminder of our soldiers and their dedication
    Who died fighting for Freedom and its justice too?
    Freedom came from the Declaration of Independence
    That we celebrate every Fourth of July
    Through the wisdom of our Fore Fathers
    That should never ever be denied


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