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Recycling. Hard Copy Yellow Pages Has No Place In The World Of 2012

Driving home I see the plastic bags of yellow pages strewn in front of houses up and down the street.  I pull in the driveway, grab the white plastic bag containing one of the two or three different versions of the yellow pages we will receive this year and promptly drop it into our recycling bin.

In this day of smartphones and computers is there really any need to chew up the lumber for the paper, ink or transportation costs to produce this thing?

I wonder how many of our readership keeps these things kicking around still or how many of you put it straight into the recycling bin?

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Mark Ring offers his perspective on the yellow pages and community phonebooks-

Mark says that they breed like rabbits.  You put one on the coffee table and a month later there’s a stack of 5.  The odds that you’ll find what you are looking for in the big Boston Metro yellow pages are one in a gazilion.   I have yet to ever had any success drilling down for the listing I was looking for in the big Metro yellow pages.  The problem seems to be how they have things categorized in the big Boston Metro Yellow Pages.  Chances are the listing you are looking for is in there but it’s completely mis-categorized.  For example you could be looking for a mattress store and it will be listed under scarves.

The community phone book on the other hand will have every local number listed except for the one you are inevitably looking for.  Never fails.  Ever.

I’m done.  Straight to the recycling bin.

Photos and a quick note from Laurie Fullerton and Harold Burnham

Hi Joey,

Thanks for posting those amazing photos of the Ardelle at dawn and others…I have been putting them on our Facebook page but they are really terrific.

Harold’s daughter Perry Ardelle Burnham (boat was named after her and Harold’s grandmother) took this photo yesterday of the Lannon sailing closely past the Ardelle. We are hoping to have some evening schooner racing this summer…and I do like this pic. Not sure if you can use it but thought I would send it along.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement!

Happy Memorial Day.

Laurie Fullerton and Harold Burnham


Linda and Rob Castagna Represent

Linda and Rob Castagna from Milford-on-the-Delaware, NJ visit Gloucester every chance they get.  They are also great FOB’s, and Linda was so impressed with Good Morning Gloucester that she started Good Morning Milford at the end of January, to promote “pockets of beauty” in Milford.!/pages/Good-Morning-Milford-By-The-Milford-Merchants-Association/139094536207872

E.J. Lefavour

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