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Til the end of the month voting is open for the North Shore Magazine’s BONS Awards in many different local categories.


Just as I would only have you vote for GMG for best Blog if you thought we are truly worthy I would suggest you vote for some of our other locals which in my mind are worthy of votes.  you can click on any of the highlighted links to go to that voting page for that category.  If you don’t see your favorite you can nominate them anyway.

We have three local Bakeries under the bread category which I could make a case for any one of them- Sclafanis, Virgilios and Alexandra’s Bread Co.

Then there is the Bakery sweets category in which you could make a case for Nichols or Turtle Alley.

We have a bunch of  different restaurants which in my mind are as good as you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

There are places you might get your lobsters or seafood to consider voting for.

There is the greatest brewery on the planet right here in Gloucester Cape Ann Brewing which deserves your vote IMO.

The Best BARBQUE.  I mean is anyone in their right mind going to argue with Smokin Jims under the best BarBQue?  Please!

Coffee Shop– Lone Gull, Pleasant Street, Cape Ann Coffee Take your pick.

Farmer’s Market– Cape Ann Farmer’s Market by a landslide.

Mexican– If Tacos Lupita doesn’t take this home there should be an investigation- huge portions, fresh, cheap prices.

Pizza– My favorite is Sebastians but I know there are a lot of Delaney’s, Captain Hooks and Maria’s fans out there.

Sushi– Lat 43

Romantic- The Rudder comes to mind as the most in the summer.

General Excellence– Helloooo Duckworth’s Bistro

Al Fresco Dining– If there’s a more beautiful view than that of the Lobster Pool in Rockport at sunset I haven’t seen it.  Bonus points for being able to brown bag your beer and wine.

Arts and Crafts– Duh social media savvy and always open Coveted Yarn

Again I stress only vote for folks you think deserve to win.  There are many more worthy local businesses but as I’m completely slammed here at work on Memorial day weekend forgive me if I left out some important ones as I’m just trying to remind folks to vote for their favorites..

The Old Map

The Old Map


The old map I picked up downtown at Fred Bodin’s

tells me a lot about where I am.

In 1884 my house would have been part

of the holdings of Wilber E. Proctor, whose family

owned quite a bit of land in West Gloucester.


But the map also tells me that there was no

dwelling where mine now stands, or anywhere else

on Mr. Proctor’s land; that nearly the entire area

of the Adams Estate, which included Wingaersheek,

and Wambull’s property along Coffin’s Beach, was vacant.


Atlantic Street was there, skirting the marsh as it does today;

branching with Atlantic Avenue which ran straight to

the beach, giving Benjamin Trumbell access to his home

near Sleepy Hollow Pond.  Who knows, the remains

of his three buildings may still be there in those woods.


But not a sign on the map of the houses now crammed

quite close together, each vying for a better view

of the ocean and the beach and the light across the bay;

each the home of joyous summer and the expectation

of more to come, but that map has not yet been made.


© Marty Luster 2012

Sinikka Nogelo and Barbara Michel Represent

Sinikka stopped into the gallery with friend Barabara Michel visiting from Berkeley, CA.  The girls have known each other since 5th grade in Mr. Nosenchuck’s class at Jefferson School. 

Sinikka will be exhibiting again this year at Khan Studio in September.

E.J. Lefavour

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