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Sri Lanka to Gloucester welcomed aboard the Schooner Lannon

Joey, This one is a long awaited greeting to you and your crew from our Sri Lankan brother.  Check out his band’s music campaign song for his marketing firm, Times, they are a changing… Calling all marketers.  It’s a catchy tune and think you’ll enjoy it. It reminds me of you. Auto play when you open his web site at .  This follows hopefully for your blog. Thanks, Jo-


Left to right: Yeshanth Gunewardena, Nimal Gunewardena, Kay Ellis and Andrew Innes (back row)

We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Sri Lankan brother Nimal Gunewardena, Chairman and CEO at the marketing/communications firm, Bates Strategic Alliance Sri Lanka <> and his son Yeshanth.  It had been a year since our visit to Sri Lanka and India. Nimal was due a visit to Gloucester.  He stepped out of the car, arms stretched wide and a big smile, "I’ve come to say Good Morning Gloucester ! ".  Nimal and his wife Jayanthi had heard my husband Andy and I referring to it often during our travels pulling out the GMG traveler’s badge, etching our way through our journey snapping pictures.

Nimal came to the US in 1970 at age 17 as an American Field Service (AFS ) exchange student living with my husband’s family for a year.  He and his family have remained close family members since with many visits over the years.  Both his children attend US universities.   

We woke Monday morning to a slow rolling fog and mist as we headed down to the harbor, the fisherman’s statue and then to the dock.  Kate Ellis welcomes Gloucester’s guests from Sri Lanka aboard the Schooner Lannon to greet Good Morning Gloucester.  From marketer to marketer, Nimal wishes a Good Morning Gloucester!

Kay Ellis of the Schooner Lannon points out navigational location of Cape Ann Harbor and inner land markings.


Left to right: Yeshanth Gunewardena, Nimal Gunewardena, Andrew Innes and Kay Ellis

The Gunewardena’s invites you to visit their beautiful country virtually at a colorful video he found online at:

Many thank to Kay Ellis for being such a gracious and welcoming ambassador to Gloucester!  For a majestic schooner tour of Gloucester harbor visit the website…

Schooner Thomas E Lannon in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Happy travels, locally and abroad,

Jo & Andy

Compass Scavenger Hunt 2012

Last Friday the 17 students in the Compass Day Program took part in a local scavenger hunt to cap off their unit on Gloucester history.  The challenges were set up Amazing Race style throughout town.  Thanks to all the locations that helped us out, Sovereign Bank, Sawyer Free Library, Maritime Center, Cape Ann Museum, Neptune’s Harvest, Cape Pond Ice, the Gloucester Fire Department and Art Haven.


Compass Youth Program, Action Inc

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