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Jessica Eddy Represents! Underwater In the Philippines

This right here has got to be top 5 of all time Represents! Tremendous!!!

Jessica Eddy writes-

Hi Joey, Here are some photos from a recent trip to the Philippines. These were fun photos to take. I did so much diving–it was nice break to pose with the sticker instead of look at fish. But know I think I need a new sticker!!


GMG Represents from 3000 leagues under the sea.


This fish loves GMG!


Hawksbill Turtle represents!


Overlooking Turtle Bay on the island of Cebu, The Philippines.

Young Art Collectors

I won’t say that these girls are the youngest customers I have ever had, but they are certainly the youngest on Rocky Neck. 

Gabby Olsen and Lily Muniz, both of Rocky Neck, were regular visitors to the the gallery last season.  They came in on Sunday and marveled at how totally different the gallery looked, and Lily wanted to know where the dog painting had gone.  Last season it hung on the side of the card rack behind them.  I found it in the bin and Lily wanted to know how much it was.  I gave her my very best young neighbor art collector price, and they said they would be back.

Generally speaking, an artist would starve to death on what they make from people who say: “I’ll be back”, but a short while later the girls returned, little change purses in hand, and Lily bought her print of Astro (from a painting of my sister’s Boston Terrier).  Gabby then found a Cape Ann Treasure Box with a photo of the cat from The Cat Doctor of Gloucester on it, which she purchased. 

Of course I love it when people buy my work, but it is truly wonderful and special when a young person loves a piece of art enough to buy it.  They definitely made my day – and just look at how cute they are.

E.J. Lefavour

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