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Liv (Daughter of Kim Smith) Guest Post


A few days ago I informed my mother and GMG contributor Kim Smith that I would be coming home to Gloucester for a short visit.

Immediately the first question she asked me was, "What do you want for dinner your first night home?" Of course I didn’t have to think twice about the answer: lobsters from Captain Joe’s! It had been months since I had fresh lobster; I suffer through flavorless, overpriced lobster tempura in sushi rolls and rubbery lobster nuggets in wanna-be lobster rolls during the winter months in NYC. The only thing I wanted was to get my hands on a tender, juicy two pounder straight off the boat, and boy did Joey C deliver.

Last night my family enjoyed our scrumptious boiled lobsters accompanied by artichokes, pasta pesto, and a refreshing salad. It was simply the perfect summer meal! Today I had the pleasure of visiting the king of the lobsters himself on his docks, the "epicenter of the lobster world", to see exactly where my delectable crustaceans come from. I was in heaven surrounded by the bins of live lobsters just waiting to go in my belly (sorry, PETA), and even got a few to model with me. Thanks to Joey for having me!

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First Fresh Rocky Neck Strawberry of 2012!

Hi Joey,

Looks like Strawberry season started on Rocky Neck early this year!  Here’s a shot of our first picked strawberry – picked Saturday, May 19, 2012. It was small, a little misshaped, and was pretty tart when eaten.  If it was a lobster you would have thrown it back…

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Our Little Avery turns one

Our little lady Avery turned one and we went to a great party for her.  Nonnie and Papa, Auntie Kimberly and Uncle Matt also went to a carnival at Maddie’s school..

Avery the birthday girl and mom

Our man Cole

Owen playing Croquet of course with his boots on

Ms. Maddie doing the Hula Hoop

Auntie Kimberly doing the Hula Hoop

Nonnie doing the Hula Hoop

Two People from Ipswich Meet in Gloucester

That may not seem so strange, but Maureen Farley is from Ipswich, MA and Jon Bartlett is from Ipswich, England.  They met at the Rhumb Line in Gloucester, although Jon came here specifically to visit Ipswich.  Maureen is a friend of the blog, Jon has now been introduced to the blog and plans to take his shiny new GMG sticker back to England with him and represent from Ipswich, and then take a trip to Gloucester, England and represent from there.  I have a feeling Jon is a new FOB in the making, and that we’ll be seeing him back in Gloucester (USA that is) soon.  And don’t he and Maureen make a cute couple?

E.J. Lefavour

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