Field Of Dreams?

This can’t be the same Swinson Field I grew up being a terrible little league baseball player on could it?

Melissa Pierce Forwards-

Hi Joey!
Attached are a couple of pics from my sons t-ball game this morning at Swinson’s field. The grass was so high the kids could hardly play ball.
Many other fields were like this as well. Including where the Y kids play t-ball at O’maley. Although not quite as bad. We were all hoping by sending this to you that something might get done about it. Perhaps the grass can be mowed? Thanks!
Melissa Pierce


Any minute now I expect Kevin Costner to come out of the grass.

6 thoughts on “Field Of Dreams?

  1. My son was a coach this morning and my grandson played. The first thing I heard when they got back to Lanesville was that the base paths had evidently been mowed by a neighbor with a hand mower but the rest of the field was hopelessly overgrown.


  2. Hi Joey,
    The rain stopped too late in the week for DPW to get to all the parks, fields, cemeteries, etc. before Sat. AM. Will find out when the playing fields are scheduled.
    Carolyn Kirk


  3. Where is Swinson Field?
    IF I was Rich, like Forrest Gump, I would get on my riding mower and do it for FREE!
    I love you, Jenny


  4. Seriously – where is Swinson’s field? We have a t-ball game this coming weekend and all I know about its location is “some where in east Gloucester”. Directions please!


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