“A Tale Of Two Paint Brushes” from deb Clarke

“A Tale Of Two Paint Brushes”

From deb Clarke;

“My David was good friends with Armand Sindoni and received one of Armand’s paintbrushes, along with a giclee print of one of Armand’s last paintings as a remembrance gift from Armand’s family.  The brush was proudly displayed above Armand’s print, until we moved.

A few months back I was painting when David took the brush from my hand, claiming it was Armand’s.  I said:  “Well, you better put it someplace safe, because if I need a brush and find a brush, I use it.”  and that was that,  until yesterday.  Yesterday I cleaned a flat brush when I realized the handle was encrusted with chrome green, a color I do not use.  The handle was used to mix a vat of paint (something I have never done). The ferrule encrusted with old oil.  I checked all of my paintbrushes. The ferrules of all of my old brushes were scraped clean. of encrusted paint.  A former studio assistant used a razor blade to clean my old brushes (a practice I put an end to…the bristles were getting shaved in the process).    I showed the brushes to David, told him that chrome green was a color commonly in use by painters of Armand’s generation, then showed him my greens based on veridian and thalo…my greens lean towards blue. David agreed.
The flat is the Armand Sindoni brush, the bare ferrule bright brush is mine.”

Another Sidoni Painting:

Deb Received the random email from a Sidoni connection;

To Debbie Clarke,

This is so random, but I was scanning old family photos and came across this old double exposure.  The painting is an Armand Sindoni portrait
of my uncle Richard Duncan, who was a friend of Armand’s in Lynn.  So I googled Armand to share information about Armand with family on facebook and saw your
paint brush story.  Unfortunately the portrait went missing from storage unit during a move so very long ago.
It’s just a snapshot in time (& not a very good one) but I thought you’d appreciate seeing it.

love your magpie nest!!

Elizabeth Chapman


2 thoughts on ““A Tale Of Two Paint Brushes” from deb Clarke

  1. Armand was an incredible artist… I knew him from years ago… the 60’s… I too was an artist .. I suggested to Armand that .. if you draw me.. I’ll draw you… with that we grabbed pencils and paper and started to draw…10 min. later we exchanged tablets.. not sure what he did with his pencil portrait .. last I saw it… it was on his wall in his studio… my portrait is framed.. and on my wall… has always been on my wall… at the time.. I was wearing a scarf around my neck.. I noticed he put a little pair of wings on my chest.. and under that he wrote.. “Happy Landing…” I asked what that was for.. he said.. you look just like Amelia Earhart…
    I was saddened to learn of his death.. But most grateful for the pencil portrait he made of me.. I have enjoyed it now for more then 50 years…

    Jeannie Souza


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