Rome Day 2


Walked to Vatican City as it seems everything is walking distance from our hotel. We got there looked around, saw the 2.5 hour lines to get in and decided to pass. When I was in high school I went to Spain on a high school tour and we went from massive church to massive church. Yes they’re beautiful but I’m not waiting 2.5 hours to get in anywhere.

We hopped on the open air double decker bus for 18 euro each and took a tour around the city. Now on day two I’m starting to figure out the driving. It’s a free for all. There are no marked lanes and everyone just fends for themselves. There are also a TON of scooters and motorcycles. You have grandmas rolling around on massive scooters, you have businesswomen in skirts running around on scooters. There may be as many motorbike/scooters as there are cars.

I haven’t found a way to get a large coffee to go. It seems what they consider a large cup of coffee is about 3 ounces. I’ve asked for cafe americano, I’ve asked for a large coffee. No dice. The best you’ll get is a small coffee cup filled about two thirds with coffee. Rome is a lot like NYC with the throngs of well dressed people but the one accessory they don’t tote around here is their venti mochachino lattes in the Starbucks paper cup. As a matter of fact I don’t think I’ve seen a single person walking around with a coffee to go. It would be interesting to read a current study on who drinks more coffee per capita- Americans or Italians. Everyone I know drinks at least one cup of coffee a day and it’s usually a big ass 16 ouncer. I myself probably average 32 ounces a day. That would be equal to ten of these tiny cups they serve over here. And before anyone tries to correct me, I know the difference between a shot of espresso and a cup of cafe americano.

Lunch was at Sofia, Asparagus Risotto- sublime. Then to to Spanish Steps where I decided to drink from the fountain. We then rolled on down to the Trevi Fountains and tossed a few Euro over our shoulders (a tradition which supposedly insures that you’ll make your way back to Rome)

This afternoon was spent at Campo De Fiore at an outdoor cafe drinking wine, amaretto, persecco and eating breads and cheeses.

The open bus tour was a great take as the guided tour filled you in on all the stunning sights. Tomorrow we take the train from Rome to Naples where we pick up the rental car and head to the Amalfi Coast.











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