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Alright, who’s the joker that left this for me at the dock?

I’m doing a little clean up around my desk on my last day at work before vacation and I find this bag containing some hair club for men bullshit!

Very funny, verrrry funny.  When I find out who is responsible for this just remember that the big boss man has final editorial control over this here blog.  You wanna mess with me? 

It’s bad enough living with this male pattern baldness without having to be reminded of it with not-so-subtle hints of cheapo “thicker, healthier looking hair” products being left around your workspace. 

Oh the humanity.


a quick visit to Gloucester on Saturday April 21, 2012

Gayle White writes-

My friend, Kate, and I visited Gloucester last Saturday, and had the good fortune to walk through Fredrik Bodin’s Historic Photos Shop. Loved the shop! Fred Bodin was so informative about the area, and made sure we knew about your facebook and blog site. Very impressive! We also visited Jeff Weaver’s Art Gallery, Topside Grille for a sandwich, and Fisherman’s Outfitter’s (my brother’s store). We were able to take a quick ride up along the ?East Point along the water before heading back to South Boston. We didn’t get to see a fraction of Gloucester, so we’ll be back. In the meantime, it’s great to have your pages and pictures so we know where to visit when we come back. What a great place! Gayle White       including a couple of pics – one is Fredrik Bodin, one is John White (fisherman’s outfitter) and last is one shot along ?East Point. Can’t wait to come back again!

Cape Ann Museum Park and Sculpture Garden Opening Reception

WHAT:  Cape Ann Museum Park and Sculpture Garden Opening Reception; free and open to the public, refreshments will be served

WHEN: Saturday, May 12, 4:30pm (immediately following Gloucester Public School District Arts Festival)

WHERE: Across the street from the Museum, located at 27 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, Mass. 01930 

WHO:  Remarks by J.J. Bell, Vice President of the Museum ; John Raimondi, the Rockport artist who created the Park’s central bronze sculpture, Dance of the Cranes, will be in attendance

WHY:  Please join us in celebrating the official opening of our new landscaped park and sculpture garden. A wonderful urban green space for the citizens of Cape Ann and its visitors, the park includes an inviting granite stairway leading up from the corner of Pleasant Street (there is also an accessible walkway), a variety of plantings and two rugged granite benches for seating.  At the center of the park is an engaging bronze sculpture Dance of the Cranes by Rockport artist, John Raimondi. The inspirational depiction of cranes in flight exudes the optimism and positive spirit which is reflective of the proud and triumphant architecture of the iconic City Hall, which serves as its backdrop. 

The park and sculpture garden, located in the heart of Gloucester’s Civic District, appears at a time when much of the district is being refurbished, including City Hall, the Central Grammar apartment building, and the Saunders House and Sawyer Free Library. It is one of a number of initiatives  to continue the Cape Ann Museum’s community outreach efforts, in this case, building a public amenity that includes a piece of the Museum’s collection.  With this park and sculpture garden in the heart of Gloucester, the Museum hopes to establish a more visible connection with the public and to contribute to the creation of a “cultural campus” comprising the Museum, City Hall, the Saunders House and the Library.


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