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This Is Gloucester Joey C Black and White Series Ten Pound Island

Click photo for larger version

This would make a beautiful 16×20 canvas print.  If you would like to order any of my photos in 8×10 or 16×20 canvas I can have them made for you. Great for gifts for the person that loves Gloucester.  The canvas frame ones I think are best because they are substantial and you can avoid having to pay for expensive framing.  They come ready to hang.   Just write me at


Mark and Marty Morgan Represent! Aboard The Barkissimo, in the East Bay near Berkeley CA

Hi Joey,

Mark and I just had a fabulous trip to California celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. As a total surprise for Mark we spent our last night away on the 80’ motor yacht, Barkissimo, in the East Bay near Berkeley . It’s run as a B & B, terrific owner, cooked a fantastic dinner for us and two friends, watched the sun set, drank champagne and wanted to “represent”. Left my sticker at home so had to improvise.

Here we are at breakfast on the boat.


Rome: Day One

It’s 11:18PM here and I’m about ready to turn in.

Everything people had told me about Rome has so far not been true, except that the food is great.
People said it wasn’t clean. I’ve found it to be very clean for a big city. People said it wasn’t safe and that people would be trying to rob you blind. I’ve felt safe everywhere I’ve gone even out by myself down some dark alleyways to get some night shots for you guys.

I’m starting to think that these stereotypes are from people who never travel and have a heart attack if a street vendor approaches them and they feel insecure about how to handle the street urchins.

Anyway maybe Rome used to be that way the same way New York was before Giuliani kicked the bums out. I don’t ave a point of reference for Rome 10 years ago but I know NYC is infinitely cleaner and safer now than it was 15 years ago.

My goal in these photo is to make you feel like you are right here with me.  Hopefully the photos will draw you in.  You can click the pictures for the larger versions.  All the photos are straight out of the camera.  I dont have my computer to tweak them.

Here are some captures from today-












Thursday night blues party with Dave Sag……..Tonight’s special guest Mark Earley @ The Rhumb Line

See what Dave has to say,

Well, we’ve got repeat offenders this Thursday at the Rhumba Line, so let’s welcome back that notorious nabob of the saxophone: Mr. Marque Earley. He’s been busy scrounging $50 gigs everywhere, so I’m more than happy to help him out. This cat is so fear-inspiring that everybody but me is afraid of him and his metamucilical stylings. So, I’m bringing in the heavy guns in the form of Mr. Pall Foss, old college chum and recipient of the Bob Mobilio Award for excellence in the field of musical theory. He’s driving down from Bangor, Maine. I hope he can find the place. If he mows down a deer on the way down, we won’t go hungry. We’re gonna play the new stuff. Paul’s a quick-draw pianist and polka wizard, known far and wide for his ability to laugh at anything, anywhere, anytime. You need this.
Following the proceeding will be one of my favorite drumbalists: Mr. Forrest “Gump” Padgett, king of the wild frontier. Solid as a rock, and twice as heavy. Of course, Mr. Greg T. and myself complete the roundup. Come early for free polka lessons. Kielbasa tasting party starts at 9 P.M. Who loves ya, baby!

One Hour at a Time Gang

When:                  Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where:                 Back Shore:     Jan from the Atlantis graciously offered her parking lot

Time:                    8;00 – 9:00  am

Hope to see all..  will get the bags from the DPW…

Thank you again all


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