Gloucester At Dawn- Beacon Marine Basin 4:56AM 4/26/12

As always, click the photo for the larger version.

Have I told you guys how much fun I’ve been having taking pictures for you?

Took this a couple of days ago before work. It was nearly pitch dark out and I set up the tripod in the corner of Beacon Marine right where the black iron fence starts. I was bent over adjusting the settings when two people came out from around the corner and startled the hell out of me. I don’t often have people bouncing around at that time of morning. Stay tuned throughout the next couple of weeks where you will see some of the best photography I feel I’ve captured to date.

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9 thoughts on “Gloucester At Dawn- Beacon Marine Basin 4:56AM 4/26/12

    1. Great shot ! That end of the building many years ago was a huge fish smokehouse, the smell of smoke still lingers in the building to this day.


      1. Cool, I didnt know that. Very old building. In the phot I see there used to be “RO..” that was painted over for “Beacon”. I always wonder about that building, it is pretty curvy :- )


        1. The property was once named Robinson Marine Basin. The name was painted over in the mid to late 1940’s when Mr. and Mrs. Alexander purchased the property, and renamed it Beacon Marine Basin.


        2. You can see the “Robinson’s Marine Basin” lettering coming through the faded paint on the building if you look at the photo full sized.


  1. Love this photo. My favorite thing about this blog is the photography.

    Because I am not fortunate enough to live in Gloucester, you all bring it to life for me everyday! Thank you!


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