Community Stuff Monday



Broadcast Interview with Local Author

Charles L. Fields

Charles will discuss his latest riveting travel mystery-adventure

Tainted Dish along with his other titles.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 9:30 am ET

Streamed live via the Internet and available 24/7 by podcast at

Listen for the GMG shout out from Charlie.

One thought on “Community Stuff Monday

  1. this is for Paul Frontiero…not sure how to send directly:
    There was another Arethusa besides the one in your photograph. It was the name of a schooner in Lobster Cove at the end of the 19th c.. There was also another Alpheus. The Arethusa belonged to zoologist Alpheus Hyatt (1838-1902, an expert on cephalopods). Expeditions from his home on Lobster Cove eventually led to the establishment of Woods Hole laboratories, of which he was President (after tours of duty at the Peabody Essex Museum and on the faculties of MIT and BU). Hyatt’s daughter, Anna Hyatt Huntington, was the famous sculptor of our Joan of Arc.


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