Love the staircases made of stone

This is on Half Moon Beach

April 3, 2012 Half Moon Beach staircase

6 thoughts on “Love the staircases made of stone

  1. I took my dog to Stage Fort Park yesterday to give her a change from Long Beach where we have gone all Winter. We went down these stairs and crossed the beach. It’s funny to see this picture today because I thought how neat it was to have those stairs going to the beach, and easy for my dachshund Daisy to get down. Sometimes I have to carry her up or down steep steps because typical dachshund she has such a long back and such short feet, and her tummy hits the steps. Even better was the cement ramp on the other side of the beach for us to get back up into the park.


  2. As a young boy traveled all over these stairs and the ones on Tablet Rock and around the small paths and stairs leading to wonderful vistas of the Harbor and around to Caesar’s beach.Take a walk around this area on a nice day and enjoy our beautiful city.


    1. That’s funny Joe, I saw “Ceasers” Beach and I thought, How is there a beach in that area I don’t have knowledge of…I always visit “the dragon” on Cressys whenever I’m home for a visit!!


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