New Gyotaku Artist Joe Higgins At Local Colors

Hi Joey-

My name is Joe Higgins – I’m one of the artists at Local Colors- I make Gyotaku fish prints- (like attached). I’m the newest artist. I catch all the fish from a kayak off the North Shore coast. I have a website if you want to see more. Anyway I thought i would introduce myself– I’ll be running some event in June at Local Colors as well as raising some money for local fish related charities including The Large Pelagic center and others (maybe you have some suggestion-

Here are a few prints that are in gallery- the tuna tail is from a #700 lb tuna.

Anyway I’ll be hosting some weekends in June where kids can make fish and lobster print shirts at no cost–
I’ll be working this tomorrow and Saturday all day at Local Colors – -if you are in the neighborhood – swing by



One thought on “New Gyotaku Artist Joe Higgins At Local Colors

  1. Thanks. Didn’t expect you to post that letter, typos included. 🙂 To clarify it will be fish month at Local Colors in June where all the artist will have fish related art displayed. There will be a couple weekend days (not sure when) and if weather cooperates where i will do some fish printing demonstrations. Stay tuned foe details in April and May. If anyone would like to learn about fish prints I’ll be there all day today and Saturday-and will have time to explain process. Currently there is some nice art currently displayed at Local Colors including Gloucester themed serving sets by Virginia Townsend and great shell images by Lois Hertzler.

    thanks Joe


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