When the Lobster Goes Mainstream

I was in the Gap the other day and saw this t-shirt. My initial thought was this is a horrible play on  “Rock Lobster”.  I pictured the GAP Management team with their khakis and Joey C black frame glasses saying “Lobsters are so in this year, we need to tap that market”. I have an idea “How about lobsters with a guitar head and call it Rock Lobster”.

I did a little more digging and this t-shirt made it to the GAP from a contest on an indie t-shirt website called Threadless. Am I brainwashed by this being in the mainstream at the gap? If I saw in an indie store would I have said how awesome I need that?  What do people think of this?

Thanks – Patrick “post so often” Ryan

3 thoughts on “When the Lobster Goes Mainstream

  1. I like it. I think I would like it more if I saw it in an indie shop b/c I dont like wearing what everyone else is but I don’t know if I would like it so much in a souvenir shop. You are right, some peope tend to decide their likes/dislikes based on the reputation of the store.I guess that’s what advertising/marketing is all about.


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