The Launching Of Our Grandfather “Captain Joe Ciaramitaro” First Dragger The Ben and Josephine

The Infamous One Found this courtesy the Archives At The Cape Ann Museum.  It was listed in The Atlantic Fisherman, April,1941

As I’ve said at least a hundred times now, if you haven’t gone to the Cape Ann Museum whether you’re a resident or Gloucester lover who visits you are missing out on a literal TREASURE TROVE OF GLOUCESTER LOVER ARTIFACTS.  You probably drive past the Cape Ann Museum a dozen times a week. 

Trust me head downstairs once you get there and ask for The Infamous Fred Buck.  Ask him about a piece of old Gloucester you are interested in.  I bet you dollars to donuts he digs something up for you!



Ben Curcuru was our Great Grandfather and the man my father Benjamin Liborio (Libby) Ciaramitaro was named after.  Pictured are Benny Curcuru(great Grandfather to a ton of cousins in Gloucester and our Great Grandmother Josephine.

4 thoughts on “The Launching Of Our Grandfather “Captain Joe Ciaramitaro” First Dragger The Ben and Josephine

  1. The Morse yard is still in existence, doing business as Lyman-Morse, having been purchased by Cabot Lyman, who previously lived in Marblehead. While different from the days of producing eastern rigged draggers, they still have produced spectaculor yachts. Several people with Gloucester connections have relocated to the area.


  2. Listing all the major components, and their manufacturers, is common when reporting on a new vessel, but the “The boat will use Gulf fuel oil” line almost looks like a very early example of Product Placement. Nice article, and a couple of great pictures!!


  3. definitely product placement! the manufacturers kept ‘atlantic fisherman’ afloat with their ads. the lamson family basically gave the magazine away to fishermen and paid for the printing expenses with the ads. they were bought out by national fisherman in the 50s (they still publishing?). gardner lamson donated almost a full set of the mag to the cape ann museum in the early 90s, along with about 1500 photos and correspondence from 1921 thru the 40s. i’ve been digitizing all the gloucester entries in the mag and will eventually have an index of all vessel/owner/captain/crew names for quicker lookups. right now, if you have a date, i can track it down. joey has scans of full-page ads featuring the ben & josephine from 1941-2. he might post them if we say nice things about him. how about that joey, ay?


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