The News From Rocky Neck via Judy Robinson Cox

Giles Chapel

Thursday 12/29 – Last Day at the Rocky Neck Winter Show

Thursday, December 29, is the last day that for the Rocky Neck Art Colony Winter Show and your last chance to get one of Mary Rhinelander’s beautiful linoleum block prints of "The Center" at Rocky Neck with your tax-deductable donation to the Rocky Neck Art Colony. Simply donate whatever quantity you wish in our charming church donation box (thank you Kathy Archer) and the card is yours. While you’re there take a look around at the beautiful Art Colony exhibition …. it will be the last time to see such a diverse collection until our member show in the spring. The gallery closes at 5pm.

Artists, remember to pick up your work on Friday, December 30
between 12 and 2 pm.

photo by Manny Simoes
photo by Manny Simoes

Annual Rocky Neck Plunge

Jan 1st 2012 12:00 PM (Noon) At Oak Cove Beach
Rocky Neck Plunge-The Pledge List, The Chance To Win $100 Azorean Gift Card, The Food Drive and the $8.99 All You Can Eat Passports Pre-Plunge Breakfast

Erik at Passports Is Offering Up an $8.99 Breakfast Buffet Pre Plunge! The Good Morning Gloucester folks plan to meet there at 10AM, come eat with them!

Message from Joey:

If you enter your name here on GMG beforehand, get listed as a pledge to plunge and do it, we will enter your name into a hat and pick one of the GMG listed plungers post plunge for a $100 Azorean Gift card. Card was donated by our Terry Weber. No entries will be accepted on the scene of the crime, you have to put in a comment here or contact me ahead of time to confirm you are on "The List".

If you pledge to plunge and then bail out for ANY REASON, that gives us free license to ridicule you for the entire year! I can tell you it is incredibly invigorating and the very best way to start your year. It sets you up to overcome a fear and once you do it the rest of the year you feel like you can and will do anything!

The plunge goes off at noon on Oaks Cove Beach on Rocky Neck.

The List

Joey C, Donna Ardizzoni, Rick Moore, Ed Collard, Paul Morrison, Rick Paolillo, Melissa Cox, Dr. Ray Cahill, Colleen Apostolos-Marsh, Lotus Marsh, Lukas and Lasse Struppe, Owen, Henry, and Jon Hardy, Alexandra Rhinelander, Charles Du Deaubien Gaspien (or something like that), Ericka Hyam, Steve LeBlanc, Jamie Verga, Kevin Ryan, Patrick Ryan, Denny Cunningham, Carolyn Kirk, Bill Kirk, Amanda Nash, Tom Robinson Cox, Mike and Eva DiLascio, Amandacakes and Beasley, Keara the chick with the heavy green eye shadow (I forgot her last name), Vickie Van Ness, Greg Bover, Brian O’Connor, Skip Montello,Kane Oshiro,Barry “Cuda” Pollack, Charles Rodgers, Lindell Willnow, Terry Weber, Jason Grow, Maisey, Jeamima and Matilda, Karen Ristuben, Wendie Demuth,Scott LeVasseur ,Tony Goddess,Mike Nicastro, Alicia Pensarosa, Nicole, Ben and Emma Duckworth


Cathy McCarthy is organizing a food drive at the Plunge for The Open Door … Please bring these items that are most needed .. . TUNA, 100 percent juice, Hearty Soups, Peanut Butter, Pasta Sauce, Breakfast Cereal, Baking Items to Oak Cove Beach during the Plunge.Start the New Year off on a good note : help out and give back. Call Cathy McCarthy 978-282-7320 for more info.

Cultural District Updates

Cultural District Updates from Gloucester:

Downtown Gloucester Cultural District: A Downtown Cultural District Committee has been formed and is currently working through the Massachusetts Cultural Council application process. The Committee has been contacting various stake holders within the downtown area and since there is an area overlap between the proposed Downtown Cultural District and the new Harbor Walk – we have scheduled a meeting of the two committees. It is our hope to announce a public hearing date soon. For information contact: Judith Hoglander,

East Gloucester Cultural District:

The East Gloucester Cultural District proposed map is with the City (through Councillor Paul McGeary). The City Council will take it up, pass a resolution, and schedule a public hearing. Date will be announced.

Cultural District Updates from Rockport:

Great news! On Tuesday evening November 29 the Rockport Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to pass a resolution endorsing the creation of the state designated Rockport Cultural District.

Susan Daly wins Naples Art Association’s
Innovation/Experimentation Award

Sue Daly’s painting "Water Iris"won the Innovation/Experimention Award at the Naples Art Association Members’ Gallery

RNAC Member George Sanker Wins World Landscapes Outdoor Photography of the Year 2011

George Sanker photograph

This photograph of an ancient pine tree in Grand Teton National Park, taken the morning after an October snowstorm, was elected as the winner of the World Landscapes category in the "Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2011" competition conducted by Outdoor Photography magazine, a popular and highly commended publication based in the U.K.

Sanker’s photographs have been named winners of three major categories in three prestigious international competitions over the last several years. In 2007, his photograph of a moose jumping a fence won first place in the Mammals-Professional Photographers category, National Wildlife Federation Photography Contest ( see In 2010, his photograph of a black bear cub looking into the camera from behind a tree won first place in the Wild Planet category of the Outdoor Photographer of the Year Competition of Outdoor Photography magazine (see

Richard Seeley Lunar Eclipse

Rich Seeley’s image of the Lunar Eclipse of Saturday December 10th is published in the Summit County Daily Newspaper, Colorado: Lunar Eclipse in Summit County Daily Newspaper
Read the blog post and story behind the image at: Lunar Eclipse

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