Joan of Arc rides off into the sunset

The statue is facing the American Legion building on Washington Street in Gloucester.

12 thoughts on “Joan of Arc rides off into the sunset

  1. So….. what’s the back story to this? I saw the statue last summer while visiting and wondered what it was doing there. EJ, do you know?


  2. FG, what lens did you use for this shot? I have an NEX 5N coming in a couple of days and am trying to decide what glass I want to put in front of it in addition to the kit lens.
    Leaning toward the 50mm 1.8 but would rather have a 35mm equivalent not sure 50 will be wide enough


  3. The 50 mm will be a 75mm equivalent. A tad long for your interviews but you could move the camera back and get yourself in the interview. With 1.8 you’ll be able to shoot lots of clean low light movies. The other direction is to go with the 16mm which they say is 24mm equivalent. That pancake lens would be unobtrusive and great all round so you can do the up close and personal interview. You do lose just one stop going to 2.8.

    Decisions, expensive decisions …


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