Did You Know? (Rabbit, Rabbit)

That “Rabbit rabbit” is a common British superstition, also practiced by people here. The most common modern version states that a person should say “rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit”, “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit”, “rabbits, rabbits, rabbits”, “rabbit, rabbit” or simply “white rabbits” upon waking on the first day of each new month, and on doing so will receive good luck for the duration of that month. In the United States, the tradition is especially common in Nantucket, Cape Cod other towns within Massachusetts and throughout Vermont, notably in Middlebury and Chester.

Did you say Rabbit, Rabbit this morning?  If not, you missed your opportunity for December; however, the next Rabbit, Rabbit day will be New Year’s Day, and if you say Rabbit, Rabbit on the first day of the new year, you get the good luck for the whole year.  So set yourself a reminder for Rabbit, Rabbit Day, Sunday, January 1, 2012 and go for the year of good luck. 

E.J. Lefavour

9 thoughts on “Did You Know? (Rabbit, Rabbit)

  1. I am, cuz I didn’t remember it until too late. It’s supposed to be the first thing you say, and it wasn’t. So I wanted to make sure everyone knew and no one forgot on January 1 including me.


  2. Paul, you don’t have to say all of them, just saying rabbit, rabbit works. At our ages however, remembering to say it (or remembering what day it is) is the challenge.


  3. I did my Rabbit, Rabbit this morning, but you also need to turn around three times! Makes me dizzy but it must be the first thing you say!

    I don’t know if it works if you get up to pee in the night, so I do it twice!!



  4. I never heard the spinning around 3 times part. That could be dangerous first thing as you get out of bed (particularly in the middle of the night in the dark when you get up to pee). I’d pass on that part, I don’t think it is required


  5. Its a superstition, Linda; they don’t have any explanation. Like why shouldn’t you step on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back, or not let a black cat cross your path, or tossing salt over your shoulder – there is no explanation. You just do it to be on the safe side, in case there is any truth to it.


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