Schooner Highlander Sea at Marine Railways

The 1924 Essex built schooner, Highlander Sea, Ex PILOT, docked at the Marine Railways this afternoon, and plans to stay the winter.  She is tied up alongside our Schooner Adventure.  If you have a chance, stop by and see them both today.  Then stop by Madfish Wharf and check out the major end of season sales in the galleries, and major household furnishings and stuff sale under the tent at Madfish Grille.

HIGHLANDER SEA is a beautiful 154-foot luxury sailing yacht, built in Essex in 1924 by John F James.  She has also been called Pilot, Star Pilot and Caledonia.  She is a classic twin masted schooner who can accommodate a total of 10 people on board, and has a crew of approximately 6.

E.J. Lefavour

5 thoughts on “Schooner Highlander Sea at Marine Railways

  1. Hello E.J. Did you know?? The Highlander Sea Is one of the tall ships that my son and daughter-in-law got married.. 7-12- 2003. I have a pic of them on your ship that I can send you as proof. Are you one of the tall ships coming to Cleveland? How cool to have a 10th anniversary???? Thank you E.J.


  2. HI Ejay, We married on the Highlander Sea July 5th, 2002, this was the first marriage performed on the Highlander Sea in Port Huron Michigan. The Highlander was not documented in the United States at the time so the marriage was performed on the Highlander Sea, dockside. The Sips crew was part of our wedding party. After our marriage, we then went below deck to enjoy and visit with the captain, crew, and close family members to celebrate a toast, very worthy of, and wedding cake. One of many gorgeous day to remember! Since then we sailed the ship a couple of times in Lake Huron, beautiful!
    In 2009 I was diagnosed incidentally, with Polycystic Kidney disease.
    Later in years, our travels to Gloucester we sailed again but another ship, first time taking passengers “Ardelle” another fabulous sail! The captain proud as can be, we enjoyed and appreciated his photo album showing the stages of construction. He told his sailing story, remembering all by heart, amazing! On our way back we asked Captain Burnham, Is that the Highlander Sea at dock! Commented Yes. It was brought in from Port Huron Michigan, it was sad to see it sit there needing a lot of work. After telling our story to the Captain, he then sail by the Highlander once again so we could see her to take pictures not knowing if we would ever see her again.

    Due to the late state of PKD, I was gifted by a gift of life from a amazing women I met through a chain of events, A true Miracle, A Blessing…..December of 2012.

    Hope we met again to sail one day!!!


    1. Cheryl, What a great story and memory of Highlander Sea. I hope you get to sail her again! Sailing on Harold’s Ardelle and seeing her at the Railways must have been a treat, and knowing that she would be shipshape again when they were finished working on her.


  3. E.J. do you know where the vessel is now? Interested in a charter. The boat sailed in the Port Huron to Mackinac race, about 2010? I got a great pic of her against the sunrise on Lake Huron.

    Dave MacLaren,


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