Why I Am Glad I Brought My Girls to the Fishbox Derby

Having 2 daughters has clearly changed my life in so many ways. I am outnumbered in the household and watch a lot less football. I want my girls to be confident, athletic and smart. So, I get really frustrated when I see t-shirts at major retailers targeted for girls that say “I’m too pretty to do homework, so my brother does it for me” or “Alergic to Algebra”.  This is why I am so glad I was able to catch the end of the Fishbox Derby with my oldest daughter Emma. Why you ask? Check the standings!

We got there for the final runs and caught the great final runs of all the girls, including both overall winners, Ava and Alexis Wiswall. I am always trying to instill confidence in my daughters and while I am not steering them away from princesses, I drop hints that they can do anything boys can do. These girls did exactly that and won it all! Check out the bikes they won.  We walked through the pit afterwards and had a quick conversation with Ava and Alexis’s Dad -He was so proud of his two girls and we caught him taking it all in. Emma told me that she wanted to race in the Ava’s pink car and win!

Here’s to all the Fishbox Derby participants and winners, you are a part of a great tradition. Lets not also forget all the volunteers and parents that make this such a great event.

Thanks – Patrick

7 thoughts on “Why I Am Glad I Brought My Girls to the Fishbox Derby

  1. Yes! Be authentic, strong, confident, honest, respectful, and kind and you can’t go wrong – no matter whether you are a princess or an athlete.


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