Did You Know? (Bista Zugu)

In spite of the news media’s warnings of Irene’s impending doom and destruction, a bunch of hearty, hardy souls ventured out this morning for Hurricane Mug Up at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at Madfish Wharf on Rocky Neck.  It was a surprisingly large turnout considering that it was a rather nasty morning.  As always, Ed Collard was the first to arrive and help get things set up.  The Chamberlains, Coxs, Jacksons, Osborns and Ardizzonis were in the house.  Paul Morrison journeyed all the way over from Rockport with a batch of incredible lemon zucchini bread.  Peter and Joanne Souza ventured over from Schooner Adventure with some equally delicious zucchini bread.  Isabelle and Breanna Jackson brought a lovely tray of deviled eggs that they made with the help of their mom, Talitha.  Those girls will be contenders at next year’s Deviled Egg Competition.  Guest artist, Sinikka Nogela brought some fresh fruit, and Paul Frontiero brought some Vienna Fingers (yes, Joey there are still some left and I will keep them no longer than seven days for you).  Wendie Demuth stopped in with visiting friend, Chris White, a salmon and halibut fisherman from the West Coast.  Joey’s sister Felicia and niece Amanda showed up with homemade donuts and a huge batch of bista zugu (spaghetti and sauce with meatballs, potatoes and hardboiled eggs), so that all present could be well fed while continuing to track Hurricane Irene strike predictions and scud to safety before things got hairy.   Again, note to all proper Italian cooks out there, Felicia did not cook her delicious bista zugu in that crock pot; that was only used to keep it warm.  I’d never had bista zugu before in my life, and now I’ve had it twice in the past two weeks (Felicia’s and Paul Frontiero’s) – I must be doing something right!

E.J. Lefavour


13 thoughts on “Did You Know? (Bista Zugu)

  1. That was a great surprize! Bista with the Zugu with potatoes and hardboiled eggs! Thanks Felicia it was so deliscious! We gotta give these Medigani’s a taste of Sicily here on Cape Ann. Maybe my Beautiful Sicilian wife Cathy will make her famous Spedini’s for the next Mug up!


  2. This Mug Up is in the Spirit of the Impressionists. They had a great bar they hung around in to talk recent news and Art. EJ Has recreated this feeling with this weekly get together. i’m not a social person, but I do enjoy EJ’S weely mug up. What will happen to this great meet up in the fall and winter? I ‘M SURE THERE WILL BE A WEEKLY GET TOGETHER THEN TOO. Thanks EJ!


  3. EJ, Thank you for hosting another Sunday Mug Up! It’s always a pleasure and treat to visit Khan Studio/ GMG Gallery.Their is always something new and interesting to see. Amanda and I enjoyed our sneek peek of your new calender .It is fantastic! I have added it to my gift list for Christmas this year! Paul’s Lemon Zucchini Bread, best ever !


  4. EJ, Look for my recipe for Chicken Spedini on Taste of the Times or on GMG ! Some mke them with beef I make both bot my favorite are made with chicken. I’ll have to bring some next week & Paul can bring the Beef Spedini.


  5. OMG! Chicken and Beef Spedini – we’d better keep this quiet or there will be more people at the next mug up than we can handle. The mug up bar has been raised – from deviled eggs to bista zugu to spedini to the season’s grand finale food competition, which will remain a secret until the time is right. Wow!
    Paul, I’m so glad you enjoy mug up. I told you at the start that we’d make you into a social creature before the season was over. Now we just have to get you out dancing once.
    I rent a good sized house over in Annisquam for the winter. Do we think Squammers might be ready for a GMG mug up invasion? Could lively the place up a bit, and is a great spot for photo shoot walkabouts.


  6. EJ was concerned you might have some damage at the gallery, but glad to see it was a successful Mug Up – when I was there two weeks ago I was sorry I had to leave on Sat to get back to FL and miss this weekly event. Labor Day weekend sounds like you will be packed, too bad I am so far away.


  7. Wowza, I missed another amazing gathering with great people and food. 😦

    And, I’m working again at Sugar Mags this Sunday, so I’ll miss the next one as well – though I think I’ve convinced my dad (Bob) to go!

    EJ – I think Squammers will just have to love a GMG Mug Up Invasion this winter – what a great idea! I’ll be there for sure, I usually end up spending more time in Annisquam than the Fort.

    Paul, if you’re taking pics from the Paint Factory, I’ll be waving at you from my house directly across! And if you see a gathering in the backyard, feel free to stop on by (same goes for all my GMG peeps).


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