Cape Ann SUP A Huge Hit With GMGers

Sista Felicia, Dee Noble and the kids went day before yesterday and Ed Collard, Donna Ardizzoni and Tim Burton went yesterday and both report back that it is a MUST-DO activity!!!!

August 6, 2011 008Eddie going around the greasy poleSUP on Pavillion Beach so fun

Donna writes-

So fun …  it was a blast and I actually got up and stayed up..  great
guys as well






Dee Noble Writes-

Just completed our lesson and first paddle. Lainie (10), Bj and Amanda (13), and Flea and Me (old). It was a TOTAL blast. Tyler is awesome. We mastered standing, kneeling, turning, and boat wake. It was great. 5 for 5 had dry hair at the end.

Worth the trip. Very, very fun….

3 thoughts on “Cape Ann SUP A Huge Hit With GMGers

  1. Everyone, put this on your list of thing to do before the end of the summer. If I can do it, anyone can. I finally found a water spot that doesn’t involve getting your hair wet! Take you kids, my twins had a blast. I owe Taylor at SUP a big thank you! He was great especially with the kids! He had by son BJ doing tricks on the board in the first hour! We are going to do it again really soon. Super Fun! Don’t Miss out! P.S. if you make it out of the water dry … your name goes up on the “Wall of Fame”


  2. The SUP Crew are awesome kids! My son is part of the YMCA’S clean team. When they go to that area to clean the SUP Crew always offers them some boards and lessons FOR FREE. They are great group of kids that run SUP. If i could swim i’d give it a try!


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